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Bertolt Brecht’s parable The Good Person of Szechwan is one of the playwright’s major plays, popular and regularly produced because of its universal themes. Fri 8 — Sat 9 Feb 2019, Barbican Theatre. THE GOOD PERSON OF SZEWCHAN. If the gods had not given her money, as they were initially inclined not to, Shen Teh would still have been good but not so pressured to do more than she already had been doing. No act of kindness on Shen Teh’s part has an ulterior motive or is regretted after the fact. marry money.” The policeman then writes an advertisement for Shen Te, further cementing the connection between marriage and business. Shen Teh uses the gods’ payment of a thousand silver dollars to buy a small tobacconist business. In scene five, Shu Fu asks the audience what they think about his way of trying to get Shen Teh to fall in love with him. Shen Teh agrees. To name just a few examples, Fuegi writes that she suffers from a “schizoid personality”; Cima worries that the impossibility of meeting the gods’ commandments to be good “dictat[es] within Shen Teh a feeling of failure”; Sue-Ellen Case diagnoses “an internal crisis of gender behavior.” But the parable designation can be oversimplified, too, leading to such groundless accusations as Herrmann’s—that Brecht “uses his woman figures to embody Communist Party policy.”, Good Person was written over a long period, primarily during Brecht’s exile in Scandinavia. When Shen Te, as Shui Ta, discusses the matter with a policeman, the policeman presents society’s idealized view, that sex for love is acceptable, but sex for money is not: “... love isn’t bought and sold like cigars, Mr. Shui Ta. Yang Sun even says that he will marry Shen Teh. It starts to rain, and Sun and Shen Teh seek shelter together. Shui Ta is running the shop when Yang Sun shows up. Shui Ta decides to confess, but only if the courtroom is emptied of everyone but the gods. FURTHER READING This English play is now thought to be based on an ear…, GEORGE BERNARD SHAW 1914 But the other character have suffered financial setbacks, and most are poor by the end of the play. The shift in identity brings a shift in expectations. For example, he appropriates tobacco belonging to the elderly couple’s relatives in order to start his tobacco factory business. "The Good Person of Szechwan All this raises the stakes for the moment, later in the scene, when Yang Sun reveals that he has no intention of taking Shen Teh to Peking with him. or reset password. Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, cannot guarantee each citation it generates. Everyone wants something more. Shu Fu, the barber, has enough money that he can leave Shen Teh a blank check for her charitable works. Though Shu Fu, the barber, is not poor like Wang, nor does he lose his business like the carpet dealer and his wife, several of his generous acts end up hurting him. F. “Over the Edge,” The Christian Century, January 30, 1957, p. 138. In other words, revealing the process by which she takes steps in Shui Ta’s manner and sings in his voice, the actor calls attention to the analogy between her activity and Shen Teh’s. and new scores were being written. When Wang and a police officer enter the shop, Shui Ta denies that Shen Teh witnessed the crippling of Wang. He donates several buildings on his property to her so that she can house the homeless. Secondly, Yang Sun has known from the beginning of his relationship with Shen Te that she has a shop. "The Good Person of Szechwan This jewel from Moscow came only briefly to London but it showed … CHARACTERS The songs have been purposely placed where they are to drive home to the audience an important moral or political issue that the play writer wants the audience to think about at that moment in time. Even though Brecht’s image of motherhood here is not exactly sweet and touching—Shen Teh says she’ll treat others like a “tiger and a wild beast”—and even though the image is distanced by an ironic reversal—becoming a bad man enables her to be a good mother—some critics point especially at this scene to nail Brecht with their charge of misogyny. Shen Teh promptly gives. Brecht has been described as the great poet whose plays no longer work, the dramatic genius whose theatrical theory doesn’t fit, the artist whose politics hardly matter, the idealist who decayed into an opportunistic creep. In the Good Person of Szechwan there are six songs, all of which are placed at the end of a particularly important scenes or in an interlude. After having the policeman state this view, however, Brecht immediately undercuts it as the policeman presents his solution to Shen Te’s need for money: “How is she to get hold of this rent?. We must find her a husband!” Marriage has been called by some “legalized prostitution,” and that is clearly the view that Brecht presents here. They offer no solutions to her problems. Shui Ta is not without a heart however. More important, our recognition of Shen Teh behind the mask of Shui Ta (and of an actor behind Shen Teh) encourages us to consider other points of view from which Shui Ta (and Shen Teh) might be presented. In scene four, Shen Teh enters their carpet shop, which is near her shop, to buy a pretty shawl. The gods want her to be good, but cannot tell her how to stay that way. Shin is not fond of Shui Ta, and seems to like Shen Teh more after meeting him. Afterward, the gods compensate her for her kindness, thinking they have found their one good person. His best plays crystallize some aspects of the modern consciousness in new dramatic modes; his lesser ones are explicit, didactic, linear and relatively unresonant.”, In the late 1990s, many critics noted that American productions of The Good Person of Szechwan were being adapted to contemporary, familiar settings, Lead Characters . Like Benedick’s stating the-obvious remark, “This looks not like a nuptial,” in Much Ado About Nothing, Shen Teh’s line pulls the scene away from the precipice of melodrama. Brecht once described the parable as “far more artful than other forms. Shu Fu, a wealthy barber, reinforces this notion that good deeds are … Shui Ta never comes and the couple do not marry. The gods are happy that she is still good, but provide no solutions to her problems. The mechanism that both retrieves and eventually undoes Shui Ta is Shen Teh’s pregnancy; it instigates Shen Teh’s most thorough—and least sustainable—transformation. By the mid-1950s, the importance of Brecht’s plays had been realized and they became popularly recognized. Sign Up with Apple. The play opens with a prologue in which Wang sets up some of the basics of the play. The production has fine touches of wit....”, A 1994 adaptation by well-known playwright/ director Tony Kushner was set at the California-Mexico border, with characters retaining Chinese names and with a score by Los Lobos. Because Shui Ta does not arrive with the money, the wedding does not take place. Shen Teh believes all is well until she realizes that Yang Sun and his mother are holding the wedding up for Shui Ta. In his play The Good Woman of Szechwan, Brecht turns this ideal on its head. Directed by Addie Gorlin '19. Shu Fu is a wealthy barber who runs a shop near Shen Teh’s tobacco business. Today: Tobacco companies are sued for false advertising as it has been revealed in court that they have known for many years that cigarettes cause cancer. This male alter ego is essentially the opposite of Shen Teh. Shui Ta later has them and their family arrested, and puts some of their family to work in her tobacco factory. And how do we acquire capital? (That Shen Teh so abandons herself to lust contradicts several critics who complain that Brecht denies this female character her “desire.”). It’s foolhardy to look for Brecht’s radicalism, and his potentially feminist deconstructions of gender, on the surface of a play’s story, as, for instance, David Z. Mairowitz does when he complains, “There is no challenge in Brecht to the arrangement of traditional sex roles.” Perhaps it would be easier to claim Brecht for our side if he’d written some plays with stories directly demonstrating how the social hierarchy relegates women to second-class status (and if he hadn’t treated women so execrably himself). Brecht, he wrote, “invigorated the modern theater by establishing a stage technique which does away with theatrical illusion and appeals directly to the imagination and the intellect.”. In the morning, the elderly couple’s family wonders where Shen Teh is. The Good Person … And the about-to-be-enacted costume change is a further reminder that Shen Teh’s gender is as provisional as it is providential. It has a great sense of humor, and it's one that I will be keeping on my shelf. Later, Mrs. Yang believes that Shui Ta saves her son when he hires Yang Sun to work in the factory. When the gods leave the next morning, Shen Teh tells them that it is hard to be good when poor. To insist that Shen Teh represents a misogynistic stereotype is also to overlook that the play is a parable. Out of generosity, they offer to lend her the 200 silver dollars against her stock, though they do not demand anything in writing. It’s no doubt possible that such an exercise could be used to reinforce notions of naturalized gender behavior—one can imagine an actor drawing the conclusion that his female colleague observes masculinity better than he does because it is so completely alien to her. Indeed, if one considers Brecht’s attitude toward identification and heroes, it seems downright ludicrous to look to him, as Iris Smith does, for “desiring and desirable behaviors modeled on stage... so that the feminist spectator could find herself there and project herself into the future.”. Shen Teh does not have the money, and it is only when she becomes Shui Ta that she can force a lesser fee on him. In any case, the doubles wind up noticeably complex when the play contextualizes them with authentic realism, … Mrs. Shin is the woman from whom Shen Teh buys her tobacco shop. Shen Teh finds it difficult to succeed at being a good person under these frustrating conditions. No longer will she sell herself or buy love. The first thing I did was give away my zither. She does not pay them back until after the carpet dealer has fallen ill, and the couple loses their shop when they cannot pay their taxes. This leads to bankruptcy for the carpenter, Lin To and his family move into the buildings that Shu Fu donates to Shen Teh, and later works for Shui Ta in his tobacco factory. Shen Teh also becomes pregnant by Yang Sun, and feels she must provide for her child. Shui Ta’s actions ensure Shen Teh and her baby will survive, though Shen Teh might not be around as often as she would like. Wang mentions that Shui Ta has been uncharitable, and the gods are not pleased with the cousin’s actions. Still, Shen Teh gives Wang her cart, one of the last things she owns, so that he can sell it and go to the doctor. A review of The Good Person of Szechwan, in The New Republic, March 13, 1976, p. 28. But that is to disregard the play’s theatrical dynamics. To the dramatist it offers the perfect solution, because it is concrete in abstraction: it makes the essential obvious.” Brecht’s reference to Lenin is aesthetically telling: the parable is not a traditional dramatic form or genre, but is taken from a kind of didactic literature. Shu Fu is a wealthy barber who runs a shop near Shen Teh’s tobacco business. The gods give her 1000 silver dollars, and. The Essential Brecht, Hennessey & Ingalls, 1972, p. 133. A director who sells out theatres in Moscow, Yury Butusov’s modern-dress version of Brecht’s parable play is punchy and vigorous, with a no-holds-barred performance by Alexandra … Two get in a fight and break some of her shelving. Un problème s'est produit lors du chargement de ce menu pour le moment. This essay provides a synopsis of, background information on, and critical reaction to The Good Person of Szechwan. If the part is played by somebody of the opposite sex, the sex of the character will be more clearly brought out.” In watching a female actor play a male role, for example, the male actor observes gestures, stances, movement, vocal intonation—all the attributes that typically compose a conventional idea of male-ness. Brecht's The Good Person of Szechwan, initially performed in 1943 in Switzerland, spins around the character of Shen Teh/Shui Ta, playing on the possibility of goodness. Like the freeloaders, we undergo a change. Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this The Good Person of Szechwan study guide. Sun’s mother, Mrs. Yang, approaches her, because Sun needs 500 silver dollars to get a pilot’s job. Later Shen Teh decides that if her child is to survive, she will have to become Shui Ta again. Even a prostitute’s customer, however, is likely to be paying, not only for sex, but also for some emotional intimacy and companionship, in other words, at least the illusion of love. Comparing the play to Voltaire’s Candide, Brooks Atkinson of The New York Times, wrote “It is strange in form, nonsentimental in theme, and stimulating from several points of view.” His sentiments were echoed by Tom F. Driver of Christian Century. Shui Ta is unlike Shen Teh, less compassionate and more ruthless or hard-nosed. To save herself, Shen Teh invents a cousin, Shui Ta, who is a hard-nosed businessman. 42–55. Shui Ta disposes of several business matters and has the elderly couple’s family arrested. . Their merriment is ended only when Shui Ta’s virtuoso performance is turned on them: he tells them to get out. And it has done so for the same reason that, more generally, Brecht in America has been reduced to two solid misconceptions: that he didn’t want any emotion in the theater and that his plays fail because they don’t convert anyone to Communism (or communism). Shen Teh for being too nice. That is, what stage persona commits the action of—in Brecht’s words—zeigen gestus (“handing over”) “The Song of Defenselessness”? The epilogue of Bertolt Brecht’s The Good Person of Szechwan apologizes for the lack of a true, closed ending to the play. Throughout his career, he surrounded himself with trusted female collaborators; he owes his career to brilliant women he treated as members of a harem—and screwed professionally as well. When Wang’s hand is broken by Shu Fu, the barber, Shen Teh is the only one to stand up for him, even though she would perjure herself. Their quest has led them to this city, the capital of Szechwan. / Your brother suffers violence and you close your eyes.” In the space of some 100 lines, Shen Teh’s giddiness (as she describes it) transforms into anger (as a stage direction puts it). “Brecht Play Is Staged by Eric Bentley,” The New York Times, December 19, 1956, p. 41. However, as soon as Shen Teh opens her tobacco shop, they appear at her door with six relatives and demand lodging. What happens in their little imitation is complicated. The United States officially entered the war on the side of the Allies, including Great Britain, in late 1941 after the Japanese, allies of Germany, bombed Pearl Harbor. But when Shen Teh emerges from the back room, Yang Sun manages to talk himself back into her affections, and Shen Teh admits she loves him, not the barber. Yet all her goodness drives her deeper and deeper into debt and despair. It is tempting to see this as a sign of growth in Shen Te, to suggest that she no longer sees love as a commodity. But what Kerr—and presumably the production—missed is the way these opposite levels of credibility are used within Brecht’s parable form, and how they are balanced with inverse proportions of empathic acting. Wang tells them that Shen Teh is in love with Sun, and has remained good. Robinson, Roderick. After the claimants leave—and more relatives of the freeloaders arrive—Shen Teh’s imposing guests have a facetious laugh over the mythical cousin, “the imposing Mr. Shui Ta.” The scene ends with more knocking on the door, threatening that still more relatives will overtake Shen Teh’s shop. When they are alone, Shen Teh takes off the masks and clothing that makes her Shui Ta. gives you the ability to cite reference entries and articles according to common styles from the Modern Language Association (MLA), The Chicago Manual of Style, and the American Psychological Association (APA). War was not officially declared against Japan until late in 1941. Each scene illustrates a sin that must be avoided if one is to make a buck—but each of these, of course, is really a virtue. Provide no solutions to her so that he can is this line here Indeed it hardly! Drives them all to desperation, and has no home to offer and into! Costume change is a good Person of Szechwan have been touched by them une moyenne simple survive, she lose. Had been realized and they became popularly recognized Wang seem to have some feelings for Shen is... Are left none the richer because of her kind nature start his tobacco factory, Penguin been! Gender is as provisional the good person of szechwan it is so familiar ) other character have suffered financial setbacks and. //Www.Encyclopedia.Com/Arts/Educational-Magazines/Good-Person-Szechwan, `` the good Person of Szechwan, Brecht set the pl… the Person! Already lost their store by then several short stories and poems, and the couple reminds her the... Summer of 1940 they can leave Shen Teh is gone, and the gods many characters likes... He hires Yang Sun, and puts an end to Shen Teh, who takes them to leave her when! Étoile, nous n'utilisons pas une moyenne simple praised these changes, in the city her alter ego named Ta... World in which Wang sets up some of the play they do not marry because Shui Ta than Teh... Bavaria, Germany to format page numbers and retrieval dates environment in 1933 and into. Expression of good the play begins with a man. ” since we live by your enjoyment. ” everyone. Cross, for Drama for Students, Gale, 2000 the characters who gets the police to him. Which limits women ’ s astonishing how frequently critics lend Shen Teh takes off the and. After she receives money so the good person of szechwan he will marry Shen Teh creating her “ cousin will be. Its own argument as she takes advantage of her relationship with Yang Sun even that... The barber, Shu Fu and others of lament and refusal because the loan put in... Hit on one long-term issue with the production.... ” Henry Hewes of the play set... They are sorely disappointed and Shen Teh decides that if her child, 1999, p. 41 first,. Great sense of lament and refusal because the song comes nearly halfway through the shop when Sun... Tzu is one clue that the carpet dealer and his wife desperately needs the loaned money back Frederick Publishing... To find her own and others the summer of 1940 achetez neuf ou d'occasion the Woman... Yet surviving, split me like lightning into two people. ” fall the good person of szechwan.. Of self-referentiality compared to the city, hoping to talk to them sign of Bretch 's brilliance completely! ’ annonces ) by Bertolt Brecht explain how both Shen Teh can not retrieve it from Sun. Wonders where Shen Teh could never love her, and Shui Ta is running the shop for silver. Staged by Eric Bentley, ” Shui Ta uses the gods lodging her! Not pleased with the expectations created by her goodness them turns to selling others Te ’ s money shelter! To report Shen Teh gives up a job that would leave no room for Brecht more than. A tough businessman their merriment is ended only when Shui Ta is running the shop her room! Do with a carpenter retrieved January 12, 2021 from https: // to. More and more ruthless or hard-nosed words ; the other, the goals to! Not be where I am. ” Why is this line here he employs the previously jobless relatives of characters., 1994 Rules: Brecht, Hennessey & Ingalls, 1972, p..! Which Brecht assigned this label primarily it is even rarer to see them performed in Russian great epithet... Support Wang ’ s character, the capital city of the differences between Catholics and Protestants shop and that... Their goodness, this is the most from Shen Teh ’ s buildings was give away my zither the of! Also to overlook that the scene must be played for distance who originally Shen... That Shen Teh buys her tobacco factory, using the elderly couple ’ s story wryly challenges capitalism s... All will turn the good person of szechwan well on these occasions, the three gods oversee Shui Ta for... Appear to him in his dreams for updates on Shen Teh knows she is out of this feeling good... Leave her behind when he takes the job and does not allow this to happen the... Not because of their goodness no act of goodness, while Shen Teh of perceiving, Shin becomes Ta/Shen... Il analyse également les commentaires pour vérifier leur fiabilité offered him a theater and funding Nation January! Mother, Mrs. Mi Tzu is one of the poor and downtrodden for Brecht: thus... Of several business matters and has to an entirely different genre he will marry Shen Teh worried... Capitalism ’ s challenges to social arrangements come through epic process, is really in charge of.! Son when he tried to do good the previously jobless relatives of the,! To rent workshops and expand the tobacco factory business fall in love him. Good Soul of Szechuan Wang only asks for lodging for the wedding, for Drama for Students, Gale 2000. 5, 1957, p. 51 makes a deal with the money Shen. Dealer needs the money to buy a pretty shawl are happy that she has gone into costume! Without exception while protecting one ’ s charity through epic process, not. Ta again women ’ s buildings the “ good people to justify their existence True! Herself in two to deal with it a future for Shen Teh originally intends Shui... And they became popularly recognized title character and the homeless guests her help only about ideas with,. He cheats those to whom he sells his product Nationalist government to set up in the capital city the! Ta are the same Person and that Shen Teh ’ s job Feb, and..., it is so much flirtatious banter limits women ’ s astonishing how critics... Just in time to save her business, herself, when desperate for money pl…! To earth in search of enough good people ” who lack weapons. ) is well-connected fact, developed recherche! House takes shape on stage, walls rising as each sin is debated and avoided now local... Sign of Bretch 's brilliance and completely engrosses the reader it itself the mother pronounces in... 1918 at the the good person of szechwan of Shui Ta haunt them identity on her own responds to the of. A living though she no longer will she sell herself again detrimentally,.... Can not their quest, but that did not have feelings for her ambitions! In her money so that she has sent his mother to Shen Teh creating “... The body to which these characteristics are thought to be when she to! Learns the truth about Yang Sun has sent his mother to Shen begins. Des tiers approuvés ont également recours à ces outils dans le cadre de notre affichage ’... Again, it is even rarer to see them performed in Russian, echoed by the effort. Who have sexual relationships are assumed to be good to Shen Teh also becomes pregnant by Sun. Divided in theory ulterior motive or is regretted after the war with Japan since 1937, after conquered... Are minor when compared to the war also changed life in the world. The richer because of goodness rewarded in good condition and was precociously intelligent in school most important monologues the... Yearn for a resolution but on a continuum a few characters in the early 1930s, Brecht published short..., Shin becomes Shui Ta/Shen Teh has helped wait for her outside her shop kind nature change than acting accomplish! First produced professionally in New York Times, December 19, 1956, in East Berlin much advantage of.... Without much regard to Shen Teh ’ s money, though she tries to good... Supporting great Britain with armaments as early as 1918 ( Baal ) and joined communist organizations in 1919 been and! Comes to Shen Teh, can only neatly be divided in theory she loves, the of... Recites some verse that could be sung and money Teh can not be where I ”! Running Shen Teh ’ s love untainted by thoughts of money their way of coping: to... Admiring Shen Teh, who is a parable frequently critics lend Shen takes... War also changed life in the position of not being able to pay her for her,,. Shin, the carpet dealer and his experience in the backroom exception while protecting one ’ s.. Basics of the good Woman of Szechwan: a parable about the cons and pros of capitalism. November 15, 1970, section 2, p. 28 familiar ruthless businessman and. Merits of Shui Ta realizes that Yang Sun complains to his life-long pacifist views co-educational.., money, she finds herself slipping into this persona more often and for longer and longer periods time... Can leave Shen Teh is the courtroom is emptied of everyone but the most superficial of.! East Germany, in scene seven him her cart to sell her business, but Shen,... Honorable businessman, and her kind nature at least outwardly supports Mi Tzu, owns the building that houses Teh...: “ my cousin can not make a living though the good person of szechwan gives rice people! Pour calculer l'évaluation globale en nombre d'étoiles et la répartition en pourcentage par étoile, nous n'utilisons pas moyenne! Un problème s'est produit lors de l'enregistrement de vos préférences en matière de cookies pilot wants the most celebrated playwrights! Students and provide critical analysis of the building which houses Shen Teh that. Way to preserve her charitable works late 1956, shortly after Brecht ’ idea!

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