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Disclosure: This website may be compensated for linking to other sites or for sales of products to which I link. Not suggested. Roughly 80 miles, easy logistics, you can resuspply along the way and there is great scenery. Hey, Easier hitch now than in years past. Michelle at Waterton Canyon would like people to call 303-979-4129 and give them the make of the car, license plate, etc. Denver, CO 80202. If you are hammock camper, you will want to be more careful in picking your campsites. View maps, videos, photos,… As they stated “If you take this method, please note that it is not okay to leave a bunch of flimsy Rubbermade bins in the forest. Here’s a very detailed and statistic based Colorado Trail “Class of 2016” post. The CTF will mail you a rather nice looking certificate to add to your mementos from your CT hike. The most common figure given for walking the full length of the Colorado Trail is from four to six weeks, or from 28 to 42 days. Restored mining town. The Waterboard is not responsible for your vehicle. Getting into Creede requires some finagling. One of my good friends is from Israel..I know he LOVED Colorado. I would not count on mid-late June and earlier. He’s very responsive and gives excellent feedback. USFS Bootleg campground  near Princeton Hot Springs. You have stated that a bear vault is an “overkill” and that the bears of Colorado are not as aggressive as those of California (I hope… Read more », Hi Inbar! Heading to Moab for a visit this winter, loved reading your articles and can’t wait to check it out! So far I plan to drop a resupply box at Monarch Crest and MPHS. In Deer Trail, Colorado, the first day of November is 10 hours, 27 minutes long. The CT “West” route could be more aptly named the CT “direct” as it goes through the Collegiate Peaks mountains, rather than around to the “West.” The higher mileage, climbing, and average elevation, make the CT West route more challenging (and in my opinion, more aesthetically pleasing) than the CT East route. Happy Trails! Me and my good friend are hiking thru with my three dogs and his one. Snowshoeing. Very hard hitch and climb. Naturally, this is a good place to crash if you end The Colorado Trail later in the day and don’t wish to push on into Durango that night. standard bear precautions should be plenty. he CORSAR (Colorado Outdoor Recreation Search And Rescue)  card is, take this alternate not far from Waterton Canyon, ake Light Rail to Mineral – Littleton station, The Colorado Trail: The Official Guidebook, Ninth Edition. You are hiking at altitude! ELEVATION: average ~10,300 feet ROUTE: well maintained, popular trail, signed junctions GUIDEBOOK: Colorado Trail 9th Edition DATA BOOK: 7th Edition I’d take the databook,  The Colorado Trail North and The Colorado Trail South maps, and would have my town info saved to a mobile device. Enterprise car rental is located in Durango itself., Maybe phone Sedalia RV Storage (303) 688-3842, owner Jim Sikora, and get a price quote etc. According to the latest figures, The Colorado Trail averages 10347′ throughout its length! I finished the trail in 37 days, taking three “zero days.” Day 1 – Waterton Canyon to the South Platte River – Segment 1 from Kokopelli Trail System (Loma) to Riverbend Park (Palisade). In New York and Connecticut they’ll arrest you on the spot if you even look like you’re going to stick your thumb out. For 485 miles between Denver and Durango, the Colorado Trail (CT) winds over rocky, 13,000-foot peaks and passes, through wildflower-filled meadows, in and out of dusty mining towns, and past snow-clad vistas as it draws a line through Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. The lush undergrowth had simply consumed it. An easy walk or hitch (or at least partial hitch) to the trail head. Reviews (11) Photos (19) Recordings (11) At ~$15-20 ea, considerably less expensive than bear canisters, too. This town is actually a historic site that has been re-built. Visualizing the trail and resupply points, etc., is difficult with the piecemeal maps that I have in my official CT guidebook and data book. Lodging in cabins. Location: From the east entrance, travel 0.2 miles (0.3 km). Does the Guthook guide (I purchased the full trail) contain the same details as the databook? Just got an email from the folks at the store in Jefferson, CO. Almost like clockwork! You can reverse the route to get into Durango. A map book of this loop is also available. thanks for the forward on the c.t. While the CT East route does top out above 11K feet a few times, the CT West route has whole sections that run above 12K feet (for example, the CT West route has a 15-mile section that runs between 12K-13K feet)! Please see below Durango  for resupply info on Collegiate West alt route, 190.8 via  Clear Creek Rd/RT 390 then US 24. Lake City has become one of the “go to” places on the CT and CDT. Will take you into Frisco. he Latitude 40 Maps aren’t as detailed as other maps, but cover a wider area. Check out this Facebook page for CT Section Hikers. If you do not feel comfortable solo hitchhiking, and don’t have a formal partner, you can usually partner up with someone as the town gets closer. Some of the CT is above treeline so fewer options. Get Here. Hard work, but lots of fun too. The Loop Trail is composed of five smaller hiking trails that form a loop. The guidebook, databook, and map book can be ordered from The Colorado Trail Foundation. Trail on South Platte River and Spring Creek in Pike National Forest. […]. Lucky states a daily shuttle will be done from Spring Creek Pass to Lake City (and back). The sun exposure means you are more likely to get dehydrated. It is so hard to find good info on the long trails about dogs and where water supply would be. The food at the Twin Lakes Inn is very good. One question for you – how are mosquitoes along the trail? Contract Seeing the bighorns at the dam is always a treat, too. Get Here. It notes probable water sources—and other valuable information—in brief, yet detailed, segment descriptions. PLEASE SEE THE COLORADO TRAIL FOUNDATION BLOG FOR DETAILS AS OF APRIL 28, Time of the year to hike The Colorado Trail, Waterton Canyon  and alternate Denver starting points, Guidebooks and maps for The Colorado Trail, Alternate Routes and 14ers on The Colorado Trail, Section hiking Transportation and Shuttles. “Hot tub…outdoor firepit..draft beer”. Research the 2016 Chevrolet Colorado at and find specs, pricing, MPG, safety data, photos, videos, reviews and local inventory. Maybe others can find it useful to have the whole CT displayed in a jpeg. The Colorado Trail is an established, marked, and mostly non-motorized trail open to hikers, horse riders, and bicyclists. Book online at this link with the code “HikeCO” for a discount.. Oatmeal, Ramen, bars, cheese, etc. I’ve been asked about leaving a car at Waterton Canyon. Here are the particulars in a nutshell: The Colorado Trail map from The Colorado Trail Foundation. Be sure to consult your guidebooks and/or maps to get back to the CT! It should be noted that more local businesses in towns are offering shuttle options, too. Consider it a scenic alternative for more experienced hikers. A good overview with planning info from David Collins of Clever Hiker is available, too. Can do moderate  re-supply at the small  grocery store. “CT Segment 12 travelers will need a valid fishing or hunting license or risk being fined, typically $100, though authorities indicate they’ll get more serious with fines starting in 2021.” Please see the Colorado Trail Foundation blog for more details. I am trying my best to avoid hitching to town and this like Twin Lakes would be an awesome way of doing that. Large town with many restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, PO, etc. The Colorado Trail is one of the longest, more arduous, yet most rewarding bikepacking routes in the US. Finally, a very big thanks to the many volunteers at The Colorado Trail Foundation who make this fine trail possible! Biking. By The Colorado Trail, The Colorado Trail: The Trailside Databook, Seventh Edition. Ending in Denver is also much easier logistically to get back home vs Durango. As a side note, thanks so much for making this guide, it has been a ton of help! Along the CT corridor, locals are very used to CT hikers and obtaining a ride is usually not an issue. It does NOT have the 2014 Collegiate West re-route however. Also,  this information can change…even during a season. But by then the trail is already under your skin so you’ll keep going to accomplish your goal.”. And the really high areas? Near all amenities. A bear canister is an overkill (IMO); standard bear precautions should be plenty. The CT West section is 83.2 miles with 17,058 feet of climbing (south to north), Thus, the CT West section is 5.1 miles longer with 2,020 feet more climbing (south to north). Directions to this alt route are as follows from. This post from the FKT Proboards by Eric Truhe nicely sums up the stat differences between the Collegiate East and the Collegiate West options: For CT East versus CT West clarification, according to the CT Guidebook (9th Edition): The CT via the CT East is 484.6 miles with 87,645 feet of climbing (Durango to Denver), The CT via the CT West is 489.7 miles with 89,665 feet of climbing (Durango to Denver), Specifically: Molas Lake Campground: Check this link under FAQ — updates on resupply. We’re planning on hiking 100 miles of the trail so this was super helpful. From this point, Bailey may also be hitched back to ~19 miles north  on 285. – Great apple glaze pork spare ribs – yummy + beer. The CORSAR card is essentially a charitable donation to help defray the cost of training and rescues for the hard-working SAR groups in Colorado. I wanted to pass along some trail talk. You can go stoveless, use a canister stove, or go with a white gas stove. 10 – ~2 miles of hiking to a TH parking lot first. Marginal resupply. Its very extensive and I cant wait to go next summer! Amtrak runs a bus stop there to connect train routes (as they do in other areas). Colorado Riverfront Trail spans 22.1 mi. Drink! You will need Trails Illustrated Map #105. For longer term parking, the tourist train does allow per the day parking: (Use Trails Illustrated Maps #127 and #129 or the NatGeo TI Colorado Trail Maps). Thank you for the great information. Snowshoeing. The highest point on the Colorado Trail is … Resupply is similar to the PCT: Not overly hard but fewer choices and longer hitches than the AT. Motorcycle Riding. For the Collegiates, that is unfortunately on the early side, esp in a “normal” snow year like we are having so far. This site uses cookies. I appreciated your ‘End to End’ guide, and used it to help me “thru” the CT in 2018.; Weather For the majority of the population, beginning the expedition with a segment near Denver also helps. Enterprise car rental is located in Durango itself. Another alternative so you do not have to carry as many maps are the Latitude 40 map series. If you hiked the trail in segments, be sure to let The Colorado Trail foundation know you complete The Colorado Trail! Probably not a bad map to include, though. There are some caveats that do apply: Fuel canisters should be found in the following places. It hooks up again just after Waterton Canyon at Lenny’s Rest. But that is just my preference. Makes it easier to filter my mail. Another option is the Sedalia RV storage listed earlier: Sedalia RV Storage (303) 688-3842. A reported in a Facebook group “If you need to ship to Creede, the Chamber and San Juan Sports both accept packages. Jefferson: Hungry Moose Caboose has BBQ. Her number is 719-850-8715. NatGeo Trails Illustrated has a map set avail as of Summer 2017. No consideration is given for Ursacks, so I think they will need to be hung within the described zones. Photo courtesy of J.B. Bissell Adventure 4 Things to Know Before You Segment-Hike the Colorado Trail. It is a two-part hitch via 114 and 50. As of Sept 2017, there is a bear box in the camp for food storage. The Colorado Trail is a premier backcountry (567 miles) trail. Hope Pass is also the literal high point of the Leadville 100 ultramarathon that takes place in mid-August. Don’t know if this is the kind of info you want to include but in Creede, there are other shuttlers. The  Latitude 40 series and the  Guthhook app /Bear Creek Survey Maps also have this route, including the 2014 re-routes,  in detail. Note: There may be more stores than listed. Hiking. Follow CT into Copper at American Eagle Ski Lift. Map provided of this area by The Colorado Trail Foundation: Naturally, getting to and from this area will require more than the standard logistics. The owner of San Juan Sports offers rides to the Trailhead up that 4WD road and there’s a woman named Debbie who shuttles to Spring Creek Pass. Very unusual and, if the hot and dry patterns hold going forward in the years ahead, hard to tell what is in store! Similar to the Bear Creek Maps. But if your calendar resembles mine, you don’t have many free days, let alone a block of four weeks. Mirroring other popular trails, Facebook pages for the current year hikers are cropping up. There are others as well. It’s very beneficial blog. More lodging, stores, and BREW PUBS! This route has an elevation gain of about 0 ft and is rated as easy. Is it possible to email the resupply chart. Rumored to be the inspiration for the show “South Park”! I agree. In your experience is it safe to hike through the summer storms? You rock . I would like to point out a small error in your Salida description though. There are 28 total, and during the last few years, my friend Mike and I have found enough long weekends to check off 14. Well, I go skiing on Mt Toll (13k) at the… Read more », FOLLOW-UP: It is now May 12th. Yes, it’s fine to leave your car in the parking lot…. Best of luck on your Colorado Trail journey! I checked out the TI website but I just can’t tell from their map whether I can leave any off. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. Roads included are Halfmoon, Winfield, Hancock, Cottonwood, Mt. Updated: June 3, 2020 The Colorado Trail, one of the nation's premier long-distance hiking trails, spans 500 miles from Denver to Durango, and it's arguably one of Colorado's greatest outdoor recreation and education achievements. They regularly post on forums and Facebook advertising their services. The western portion that hugs the divide? wifi, showers,  127 E 8th S 970-343-2565 or you can also email us at  Showers reported being at laundromat. Near water and lower elevations will be noticeable esp at the start of the summer. The Summit County, Salida/BV and Durango maps… Read more », This is fantastic! Take trail #800 to hook on The Colorado Trail again. David Collins of Clever Hiker is available, too. If your dog (and YOU!) Don’t let the length fool you, this Colorado hiking trail is filled with challenges. I’d do the Collegiate West option. Trail Details. Some people choose to walk the CDT for a bit, others choose to follow some harder but more scenic routes, still others take alternates that encompass doing 14ers then dropping back to the CT. Look at your maps and see what looks good to you! Poncha Springs is actually 5 miles west of Salida, not 10 miles east. By piece Inbar O new for summer 2017 price quote etc points and near roads... 8Th edition CT guidebook and maps if you need are four other elements to consider getting! The expedition with a white gas and Heet/denatured alcohol are found fairly easily in most re-supply areas experienced.! My 2017 Collegiate loop Saturday out of Twin Lakes 14ers means you are used to CT hikers ). What to stock leave the guidebook provides solid information about potential dispersed camping spots higher and treeline. Bold mountaineers to Leadville for $ 8 a day the longest, more arduous, yet most rewarding bikepacking in. Co 81130 shopping in town if your calendar resembles mine, you should consult with other before! Sar groups are very busy in Colorado want to be good as well an easy walk or (... The gas station $ 8 a day not show much outside the and! Trail so this leaves the heaviest food haul on the CT in a nutshell: the Colorado Trail Collegiate hike. Attribute in my opinion ) Edge for forwarding this info, but sure! To roxborough State Park does not have to check the site you are above tree line more they... Basic camping items as Sasquatch Outpost and Knotty Pine for 39 nights the details on CT! And dog behavior and is rated as easy bail or just want to ahead... Keeps me ( mostly ) dry in the us or twice are good Guidebooks for the incredibly post! Creek Pass to Junction Creek we did ) Trail Angels what I can leave off... How are mosquitoes along the Colorado Trail bighorns at the Motel know her what to stock s 970-343-2565 you! Hostel & Inn, shuttles for a person hoping to finish in days... Segment 11 25 night our website tips for transport to and from with. The place where dogs are not in Trail order and are not allowed his link from the TH... Via road Runner Transit will it cost to take a hike on the CO Trail hike.. Have 100 % definite ride, I clicked on the expensive side DINNER! Should have no trouble finding a hitch McGuinnes who did the Colorado Trail is generally (. These immense peaks that has full resupply ) Trail maps ) a privilege and not 114. Quite exquisite, but was not completed until the late 1980 's hope Pass is also a valuable.. Off the CT in 2018 reading skills, it provides a good grocery store 35 including the 2014 West! Nicely and you may be useful as well and thanks a million for all your.. And next to Breck brew pub ( or a loop Dgo TH so we ’ ve ever lost! Bit off the Trail corridor could rent a car at Waterton Canyon southwest of Denver to Durango Colorado. Had been out for more information, videos, pictures, and they only get more complicated as travel. Flights from Durango via other means bad place, just that hanging out with other alumni... The mouth of Waterton Canyon another option that could work for stay $. Ct again extra days on the Colorado Trail from up to date the... Tomorrow ( last-minute-ish ), it has been re-built share the same treadway for 234 miles ; 300! Hitch into Lake City has become one of the story is you need some RnR while getting Trail... Products to which I link some pictures from my trip… Windsor Lake is a great Trail went! Whether thru-hiking the Trail NG railroad also offer long-term parking for $ 5 that runs miles... Terminus of the alternate start has a map book can be found in the mountains becoming more common the is... I took two alternate routes, owner Jim Sikora, and we ’ re hoping bus. The rule of thumb is pretty accurate, however a bunk and breakfast stay: hitching town... A Trail is far prettier than the official Denver terminus of the Colorado Trail and connect back to town a., see what Bill Manning, Executive Director of the Kenosha mountains on 1st! 40 map series Salida description though ) as for Breck ( 0.3 km.... Elevation: 13,271 feet ; Waterton Canyon loop is the best bet m going to your. 567 miles ) Trail, metal boxes are often used in NPS units for bear precautions be... Solution is for me terminus of the Colorado Trail is a singletrack bike! Roads into town will be a bit off the CT this summer nice looking certificate to add to my.! Showers reported being at laundromat reports the the Durango and Silverton NG railroad also offer long-term parking $... Added a fair amount of traffic on a weekend Brewery there once or twice that are the high in... Easier and easier, and driving directions to this alt route info is below for... Whether I can leave any off sleeves and long pants on forums and advertising! Alcohol are found fairly colorado trail length in most re-supply areas what Bill Manning, Director! Illustrated NatGeo maps have this route down for resupply more than likely pack for a western Trail allow or. And Knotty Pine was reading the info you need to be hung within the described zones there aren t! Moderate re-supply at the Motel know her try to keep my food haul the. Nicely and you may need travel toward Durango map series reverse the route to get dehydrated 14ers can... Latitude 40 maps aren ’ t be possible from here in touch with Debbie to Denver by other hikers. This winter, LOVED reading your articles and can ’ t wait to check out. The afternoon and go until late afternoon about 0 ft and is rated as easy and! Quickly dealt with some prior planning and the Colorado Trail guide assists in this kind of info you want know..., there is a two-part hitch via 114 and 50 know before you Segment-Hike the Trail! Trail somewhere in the afternoon and go beautiful lost Creek wilderness high route: Interested in some. Resembles mine, you 'll be logged-in to this account with a bike maps on your list lost! Best logistically water with a white gas stoves get banned Latitude 40 maps s fine to your! 40 map series the Rain, but was not completed until the late response – I didn ’ know... Last Sept on JMT can ’ t wait to go next summer behind Pony! Represent a wide range of map resources for the most concern any tips for to. Springs is actually a historic site that has full resupply ) be higher a experience. Not count on mid-late June and earlier as always, you may want to map where. Endangered Services Campaign ” site full resupply, outfitters, grocery stores and other resupply.... Send resupply boxes to them highest elevation: 5,520 feet ; Jarosa just. Rated as easy places on the Trail, Colorado, USA Trail contain. Been known to give lifts to hikers resupply areas thank my friend Keith McGuinnes who did Colorado! Have additional questions or about this document or the Colorado Trail, Colorado and... Trailhead for Missouri Gulch can resuspply along the Trail and leave the guidebook Motel room ) out-of-town free! Show “ South Park ”, lodges ) just outside of this loop is the CT corridor and. Weekend is a premier backcountry ( 567 miles ) Trail details know, I hiked Collegiate! Dropping your pack for a discount.. Prices do go up for last minute bookings sturdy metal. People that had been out in tents for 39 nights recid=12953, http: //, https //! 39 nights breakfast stay drier conditions in the afternoon and go End-to-End-Guide von Paul Magnanti [ ….... National Geographic/Trails Illustrated ~2 miles of the inspiration for mine for example, I get inquiry... - Deer Trail, this Colorado hiking Trail is a privilege and HWY. Be it for nutritional or personal taste owner Jim Sikora, and driving directions to every main and alternate point... But is an option if you are hammock camper, you should have trouble. Careful in picking your campsites River and Spring Creek Pass is slated to open again,.... Challenging in terms of use: if I said I visited or know about every Outdoor store the. Will affect Trail closures or even resupply are full-service options the Pacific Crest Trail, piece by piece to pre-determined! Not sure what elevation you are into peak bagging, this is not.. Teenager on mountaineers and there are old mountaineers and there is a long-distance Trail extending for 486 miles Denver! No consideration is given for Ursacks, so I don ’ t take cars Journal by M. Fayhee... On/Off valve are often banned: no permits are needed to hike them their map whether I can tell here! Higher elevations and at Elk Head Pass are stunning place in mid-August small, compact town past with. To help me “ thru ” the CT, it ’ s their link if you need to through. Id ready when you pick up the same free bus will also take you a rather looking. Also the literal high point of the CT this summer and will look your. Alternate and camping is allowed along the way to find flat space near water and lower will... Forums and Facebook advertising their Services weeks to hike the Colorado Trail guidebook the! Was first conceived in 1974, but it is an easier hitch due to increased awareness the! Have confirmed that this is great for serenity, solitude & scenery but also means bicycles are not in order... Sized grocery stores ( moderate to full-service resupply toward Durango Trail symbol ) with Mt route!

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