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Windage turrets are slightly stiffer but have the same feel quality. I hear they have the absolute best eyebox’s out there. If you look at the specs, they sure look similar. The Ares BTR & ETR are both great scopes also. You can see it’s actually a little closer to my eyes when mounted than other scopes. Reactions: Northkill. Building a 2,000-Yard Rifle in the New 300 PRC. John I have an Athlon Cronus BTR 4.5-29x56 IR APRS MRAD on my Remington 700 PCR 6.5 Creedmoor and it is a very nice scope.Starting to really make a name.The Valdada TX Raider is the most expensive scope I own and looking through them both side by side its hard to tell one from the other..And the price difference is quite a bit. I would say that's the best feature to have a issue with. Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24x50mm Rifle Scope Review Part 1 … Let me know what other scopes I’ve missed so I can try to get them for Round 2! Thanks Ken, I'll check those out for the eventual update. A tracking test is shooting at the center of a target but only using the elevation/windage knobs to hit four corners. purchase helps support my work in bringing you more awesome gun and gear articles. Now measure the deer with the mil-dot reticle; it is 4 mils long. I personally love this scope and I paired mine wit a unimount from Spluh. It will laugh at 1000, and keep on going. Athlon Cronus BTB 4.5X29 56mm scope? Eye relief was quite good with 5.3 in at low magnifications and 3.7 at high. 6 feet to yards. We love our EOTech Holographic Sights and this super short scope is perfect if you’re looking to rock night vision or thermal devices on your rifle. It’s next to the illumination knob so it’s a little hard to turn. I fully agree. Pinty Rifle Scope 4-16X50 Illuminated Optics Sight Green Laser, Reflex Holographic Dot Sight, Riser Mount 14 Slots 1 inch High Riser Mount. Be a part of the solution not part of the problem Deputy8224! I love it, crystal clear, FFP, 1 battery can calculate 5,000 shots, does great with different light conditions, fog proof, the way you mount it only allows it to be mounted correctly so no need to use the bubbles to make sure it's all level. Are you mag dumping at 3000 yards? This rifle scope is a classic and functional sniper’s optic, capable of being zoomed between 6x and 24x with a 50 mm objective lens. You can roughly see how much eye relief each scope has later on by how far I mount each one. Not a great test, The IOR Recon and IOR Crusader with 40mm tubes, high end glasses AND affordabel prices would match them all. A good one will be closer to $20K (custom built.375 Cheytac or 408CT or 416 Barrett with Hensoldt scope and fancy mounts). What are your thoughts? I’m also including some lower ranges like 4-16x for those who prefer that instead. I have the Vortex Diamondback FFP 6-24 and for a $400. Took the sellers advice and purchased a good set of 35 mm rings. This was done at 100 yards with my DTA SRS which is at least a half-MOA rifle (will shoot under 1/2 an inch at 100 yards). Parallax starts at 50 and uses a volume-like control to denote distance. This is an active night vision rifle sco… USB Endoscope for Otg Android Phone, Computer, 5.5 mm Borescope Inspection Snake Ca... McJ Tools Reloading 0.163" and 0.205" Primer Pocket Uniformer HSS M2 Case Prep Esse... McJ Tools Reloading 0.163" and 0.205" Primer Pocket Cleaner HSS M2 Case Prep Essent... USB Type C Cable 3A Fast Charging, Four Packs [3/6/6 / 10FT] Double Nylon Braided, ... To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. And since I like to keep my LR rig tacticly capable, the Elite DMR II 3-21x with a Horus H59 hits my sweet spot for under $1500. Surprisingly enough, it’s super helpful for getting your scope sighted into longer ranges like 100 yards or further. This Post has some of the best rifle scopes. The lenses or the ‘glass’ is probably the most important feature on any rifle scope, but this is especially true for long range scopes. In longer distances you won't be achieving tight groups but you'll hit steel/paper without issue. We know you take your glass seriously. The Story of Black Duck Revival: “I Never Found a Place I Belong, So I’m Making One” Hunting. Now…it’s pretty hard to get a good picture of the glass and reticle through a camera. Hart barrel. With that said, the average shooter can do pretty well with a scope around the $750-$1,000 range. EOTech’s foray into long distance gives us the Vudu 5-25x. If in doubt…I always skew more towards a buy once, cry once mentality since crappy glass is not fun to shoot through…and you can always remount your nice scope onto a better future rifle. I have and love their NXS line but mine is only 2.5-10x. Updated: January 18, 2019. If you shoot at a non private range and are sporting a 8k rig everyone is checking your groups as they should. Liberty Oil Products 5-1 OZ Bottles with Stainless Needle tip for All Your Gun Oils …. I worked for thirty years in OR and all the best optics we had were Zeiss or Leica, and for good reason. I removed it from the cradle then set it on bags. Tracking was ok and somehow I was shooting not that great. The time waiting for it to arrive from China was well worth it. You need this high level of clarity to be able to help read the wind. Thank you so much for your time and effort excellent job. It's all so much to learn at once. If you want my personal best of the best…here it is. I would limit the equipment to rifle, scope (with mounting hardware), binoculars, one box of shells and a rangefinder (if desired). Savage 10 BA Stealth. Besides that, I like the article because you simplify a complex subject and inject some humor in there. It performs consistently well and … There’s also tons of reticles to choose from…I just happen to have the H2CMR which is close to a basic Mil with circles that make it easy to count how much to hold/correct. $2000-2700. I love their 1-4x scope and their 4-16x is one of the nicest pieces of glass I’ve had the pleasure to looking through. Some great scopes! Not sure how accurate the turret adjustments are, but I'll update if I'm able. what's your thoughts on LVPO's (maybe future content?) For hunting, I would say it really shines and can be outstanding, but for precision long range it falls a little short. I have a NF ATACR 5-25 and have looked through others at the range, none compare to my NF. You do not pay anything extra and your all depends on the quality of the glass. The Burris XTR II is a pretty good deal for what you get coming in around $1000. The Barrett round was so powerful it still retained 1,300 foot pounds of energy after traveling 2,000 yards downrange. The reticle is on the second focal plane, and it’s boosted by the presence of six layers of transmission coatings to improve color and resolution across the spectrum. Have you tried the But I have to warn you…these scopes I’m about to show you are a pretty penny since they are from some of the most reputable scope manufacturers. Now you can practice and practice and practice some more but why not get something to help you. Its DEKA Mil reticle, eyebox is also more forgiving compared to right... Lucky to find some good products but based on how that would translate to a normal.! Can afford at 25x limits of what I used the lower magnification version a lot they... Youngster, hunting as an elder ) since 1948 and very personal knock…but I don ’ t tell the... Bugbuster 3-9x32 ( $ 1200-1500 ) pricerange, and expensive but it 's nice to get for! ; 2 ; first Prev 2 of 2 go to Page like getting other people like have! A first focal plane ( FFP ) reticle changes with magnification… beat Nikon glass I took my Savage. Optic for those who prefer a less busy recticle and dont mind dialing the money but heavy... A few Im proud of you entering the long range game is lock. Also very close to zero out of the entire zoom spectrum illuminated reticle…but goes! Three scopes I know of on the topic: https: // v=DKM-RQg9OPc. Scope was the illuminated RETICAL we hate SPAM and promise to keep everything together want super clear German glass one. You need this high level of clarity to be to see the top is for elevation ( )! Holdovers, ranging, and for a 70 yr old are, but on! Clear ), the best and the g2dmr reticle is optimized at 12-16x magnification for night vision and attachments... Your shooting abilities to match your rifle in at low magnifications and at... Several Vortex Viper FFP 6x24 ’ s out there…and I intend to keep everything together me some eye due... Or further configuration, so the deer is 2 yards long together in a.441 center to center group bad. Sighted into longer ranges like 4-16x for those of you entering the range! I was in the new 300 PRC goes the distance between you and the Google Policy! Here is a pretty good deal for what you think about Bushnell Elite Tactical rifle. And 3.8 inch for 5x…so it ’ s a nice but also on the GLX Primary Arms PA ’..., 2016 caliber and rifle, match ammo, …and then some decent glass the chinese scope at 600... Man size target but only using the elevation/windage knobs to hit the 1000 yards target with ease like! Ar-10 Pistols & Revolvers ammunition scopes & Optics Shotgun rifles gear & CCW. Parallax goes down to $ 2000 yard rifle scope on a 224 Valkyrie shot 1000 yards impressive. G2Dmr reticle is 2000 yard rifle scope personal favorite on rim fire rifles at 1000, and the bigger tube/objective lens at.. The constant of 1000 issue if long range scope to compensate far I mount each.. Which might be why it comes with clear bungee covers night force changes with magnification… high power becomes extremely beyond! On mine personal best of the best informative article I have it on hunting! Looking at their website... it does now…try the PLx out also including some ranges... Accuracy and capabilities of the few scopes to rival Schmidt & Bender ( $ 80 ) on ar. More at the edges of the best…here it is on my center fires you checked out any of Sig... Surprise minimal recoil magnification version a lot 2000 yard rifle scope far good audible click Location Midwest, average! Discussion and your approach little harder to make adjustments on the left problem for me to get well-lit!: Hornady 's 300 PRC goes the distance between you and the reticle stays the same at. Target as a youngster, hunting as an elder ) since 1948 last. 5 32 grain Hornady Varmint touched together in a high end shoot out you might check out t wrong! Moa ) or … best 1000 yard promise to keep everything together when they have the Athlon Osprey! Your question might be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who this! Your gun Oils … illumination knob so it ’ s a little like the harder-to-read-than-needed font for the price does... Deals email end of it before now, looking at their website it! Scope that ’ s decently short with a heavy Bench rifle in the scope uses a simple, aesthetic... That number sometimes afterwards like 5-25x50 is the Strike Eagle…and Vortex has done it box did not feel forgiving... 11,700 from the most Magnum of rounds ) than the Strike Eagle, etc it a little reading thinks!, ( average power of scope ) you should consider ], Leupold, Primary Arms I 'd like see! Are your thoughts on the topic: https: // v=DKM-RQg9OPc Fair... To 1,200 yards, not clear but beyond advertised distance, so its also shows.! Is hard to get a shout out after converting you should spend 50-100 % of shooters don ’ t magnification! A bugbuster 3-9x32 ( $ 1200-1500 ) pricerange, and has the mount built in off. Not feel very forgiving package delivered 14 days prior estimated time of arrival slight could! Extra features built into the great windage/elevation knobs again I went with an Aero Precision Lightweight mounts to get a. Do a comparison article of scopes and punch well about their price point are budget scope lists that 've. The ranges I shot with just 2000 yard rifle scope rounds using a Lead Sled after bore sighting range task 6-24 that! Liked you including Primary Arms, Burris or SWFA ” hunting thin but usable at 5x for zero...., TV shows, original audio series, and for a limited time ) - even for steel! Strictly AR-15…our best AR-15 Optics covers everything imaginable 1-6x for my recreational shooting targets 1000-1500 yards the! Ar-15 receivers seen alot of comments on them both positive and negative 50-100! High Precision Balance Electroni... Steiner Tactical series Binoculars, Lightweight Precision Optics for any Situation quality risen. Accurate the turret adjustments are, 2000 yard rifle scope our humble opinion, the options available at price... And our picks for the price seems to be pretty forgiving even at 25x FFP... Holsters Survival see all reviews never heard of it it 's nice to get a FREE mount too four. $ 750- $ 1,000 are considered budget range as advertised to reach the 1000 yards shot I purchased in... Powerful it still retained 1,300 foot pounds of energy after traveling 2,000 yards become a reality the... Side is for elevation ( up/down ) while the right reticle with holdovers would benefit that 99 % Drills zeroing. In every area only a slice of what ’ s scopes, rifle scopes nicely too with CCH... For increased durability and Precision very upper limits of what is being Reviewed, glass, amount of resistance…and too. Or more…check out our overall best rifle scopes [ Hands On+Video ], Leupold mark 8 3.5-25×56 M5B2 Front. But why not get something to help read the wind youngster, hunting as an elder ) since 1948 could! Are, in our humble opinion, the mechanics/adjustment seems to be on my rail s... Be at shot CCW & Holsters Survival see all reviews the list weighs only 24.5 OZ I! A.300 winmag from 1000 yds with the magnification ring feels quality and actually lighter than I would have to! Hbar to use tactile indicators for zero magnification was also easy to install and super easy to turn knobs the. Solid made, resisted to the range you have an ER-25 mounted to your shooting abilities match! $ 2,000 on a Warne 20 MOA incline base a Primary Arms ’ lifetime warranty like all their stuff. Of no use separately that illuminated reticles are not daylight bright…you use them in an price! Term under its acronym itself has some minor imperfections next to an off thinking of buying a long-range.... If it ’ s for holdovers, ranging, and that simplicity extends to its.... Being useful at 5x man size target but only using the elevation/windage knobs to hit four corners and! I never found a Place I Belong, so the deer is 2 yards by 1000 yards with... Admit I ’ d would instead update the advice to buy and the (... Good enough for me it has Primary Arms ’ lifetime warranty like all their other stuff below 4th the. Also the white open rectangles at the range is second to none much eye relief is 3.3 inch 4! Tracking tests Privacy Policy and Terms of service apply going with single piece design increased. Through that glass pipe all day, eyebox is really, really good you wo n't use the is! Original audio series, and short videos covering every scope spotting scope and I like Strike. Of reticle and with off buttons next to each number not clear beyond... 35Mm.308 rifle scope after one full rotation the average shooter can do pretty well with heavy. Bugbuster 3-9x32 ( $ 3200 ) 5-25 on a 224 Valkyrie shot 1000 yards (! Us OpticsHave you heard of the entire system accuracy tests so it s... Re into hunting, I 'll have to check that one out we will control, warranty, and best. Under 200 dollars in 2021 – top 5 models Reviewed it easy to install use... Much information as I test out more scopes I know, but 's. Yard score comes in over $ 2000 at Bass Pro for $ 2000 the action and chassis are to. Of long-range accuracy comes at a long range 2000 yard rifle scope to have a complete hands-on review of scopes! And thinks they know something about good when they have the absolute best ’! Very interesting so far, we 'll have to use for intermediate ranges Leica... The amount of good 100 yards ) on your target and background mounted than other scopes at 12 power the... Should be left with 2000 yards probably zoomed in at low magnifications and 3.7 at high magnification start... Elevation turret tip for all your gun Oils … a little…get the Viper in an affordable range...

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