identifying wildflowers and weeds

Gallant Soldier (Galinsoga parviflora Cav.). If we can identify these very early seedlings we can weed them out before they get established, but most importantly before they set seed. "Weeds" are any plants growing out of place. (If the slideshow doesn't appear then try a newer browser. yesterday (25-9-2014) I did find an even larger fat hen, August 2017 and I have a new tallest fat hen. I don't know if they planted it or it self-seeded. To identify weeds, look for any plant growing where it shouldn't be, like a garden, flower bed, or cropland. A Wild Flower Identification Guide (ID Guide) for UK flowers indexed by colour, flowering month, number of petals, habitat, family and a fully cross-referenced contents list. a reader suggested fox and cubs so I compared the two, fox and cubs to the left and above of the pot, similar in having rosette of hairy leaves, those all turned out to be viper's bugloss. white campion before it blooms, the flowers make it identifiable, without them nearby I'd never know what this was, I saw this along the Regent's Canal near me. I saw this common orache along the canal (middle of May 2017). Those bracts below the flowers are a distinctive feature as are the blisters on the leaves. Often seen on buildings, roofs, etc. bare lengths of stems between groups of leaves, It happens to be growing in the same pot as some deadnettle (on the right) which I originally mistook it for as I have lots of deadnettle everywhere now (I like the small flowers, esp as the bees love them) but here it's easy to see the deadnettle has differently textured leaves which have rounded lobes. This example shows how these buddleja take root anywhere. I don't know why I hadn't seen this before in London until this week. This is a small greater knapweed plant in March. This second pic shows a much smaller plant (2 large leaves at the front) and interestingly some other weeds, back, right creeping buttercup, centre right stinging nettle and couch grass at the front and in the middle. Identifying the example above, it has made me review this dock which I had previously identified as sharp dock but I think it must be great water dock as well. I thought it was just Clover! I let it grow because I like it but some may pull it out. Small-flowered Geranium (Geranium pusillum). Great info on identifying weeds! They were from previous flowers? Check out these books by Thomas J. Elpel: Return to Thomas J. Elpel's The one above did flower (will find a pic). I have also made a separate page with rosettes as so many plants start as a rosette. I try to leave any in my garden or pots now. I'm sure this was "recommended" by the RHS but they are now calling it a weed. 2014 was a year for hedge mustard and I'm finding 2017 is as well. I do hope to get back there one day. underside of the hart's tongue fern showing the spores. I've been looking at weeds for some years (at least since 2010) and have only just seen lesser celandine locally (February 2018) in a park across the road. Six weeks later and no change. Nightshade is an introduced weed. Perennial with tough spreading roots which must be dug out and even then difficult to get all of it as it spreads so far. scrophularia grandiflora(with thanks to the RHS forum for ID help), I don't know if this is considered a weed, think I saw it described as a such on a web site but can't find that now, I don't like it and it self-seeded so to me it's a weed! as soon as those curved middle leaves appear, you can confirm its buddleja, before the flowers appear, it's difficult to tell what the plant is, the round leaves are similar to wild garlic. I planted wildflower seeds for this so not sure how wide-spread in London. I think this is another spotted dead-nettle. I saw this today along Regent's Canal (10-7-2018). I have never seen a flower, or any distinguishing feature, on this shrub in the garden next door but recently I noticed  there's one that blooms and produces seeds nearby so that could be where this came from and the seedling in that pot below. Weeds can vary a lot in their appearance and can have leaves, flowers, or seeds. a few weeks later, yellow flowers on the verge of opening up, I don't know if this is ever considered a weed but in that location? At the bottom of the stem is a new flower emerging. The first one below I tried to pull out with the roots but it just broke off. Personally I can't bear it, especially the smell, and pull it out wherever I find it. 23-8-2017, mid-April 2019 in the disused walled east London cemetary I visit occasionally, Oxford ragwort has those distinctive black bits, back in mid-February I saw this local to me, I thought it looked similar to groundsel but a bit different, by mid-April, in bloom and identifiable as Oxford ragwort with those distinctive black bits. I wasn't sure what they were, as I never noticed them before, until I found this one with the seedpod (whirligig) still attached. Suddenly the coltsfoot has gone mad - numerous stems and flowers, including dandelion-like  ones ready to blow seeds everywhere so I've put it straight into the garden waste bag, not even taking time for a pic before I did it in case any of those seeds got away.- update - of course now I regret being so agressive in its removal - I listened to the negative voice when I should have had more confidence - now I do and I will keep any "weeds" (even thistles) if I want. It is similar to Joe-Pye weed and I'm not absolutely certain of the differences but as hemp-agrimony is a native wildflower in the UK and Joe-Pye weed is native to North America I think hemp-agrimony is a more likely ID for this. Nov 2015 I had a few self-seeding, as of April 2016 these appear to have died over winter but I will keep and eye on those pots and see if they return and hope to see flowers if they do. They are perennials that grow from bulbs and must be dug out. I love greater knapweed and bought wildflower seeds to grow it in my garden. Identify common weeds. this looks quite different from the clumps above but maybe they would turn into that given time? I include it to distinguish it from bindweed which follows. Red / Purple Dead-nettle (Lamium purpureum), this is in a small park across the road, one of the first weeds/wildflowers in bloom, March 2018, comparison of spotted (?) US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Indiana Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. On the right is a larger bulbil that obviously developed to a larger size on its own. I haven't seen it in my garden but suddenly I seem to be seeing a lot of it in the local area (and Seoul). I had worked hard to remove all the ground elder so was surprised to see a fully formed plant with a spray of flowers beginning of June 2018. They form large clumps that prevent other plants from growing. This Oxalis (below) which I pulled up the other day (Sept 2014) shows 1. how long the roots are which did made it difficult to pull up 2. how runners extend the plant 3. a tiny bud in the middle at the top. There was a huge tree next door which had to be cut down as it was growing in a flowerbed (will find photo). those supersoft leaves coming from the centre, close-ups of some of the lemon balm flowers, the buds appear quite yellow but after they open the flowers appear white. Last year I had it all over my front garden, as did my neighbour but after I weeded my garden and her garden well it didn't bloom and set seed so have much less this summer. Level of expertise needed Beginner. as soon as that distinctive texture on the leaves is visible its identifiable as a teasel seedling, below on leaves of 4 and 5 cms, at this point its easy to pull them up if you don't want the teasels in that place, I let a few grow but not to the point where they take over, which they easily do, below the seedling from the bottom of the pic above, on the right when the seedlings have grown and have more leaves, on the left the texture of the leaves is just starting to show, strong and tough and difficult to remove, I like them as a wildflower but worry about them becoming invasive, flowers on a spear thistle in July, I love those flowers but this garden (a neighbour's) is close to being a solid block of thistles, although I do see a huge dock with brownish wilted flowers on the left, it's easy to see how weeds get out of control, close-up of a spear thistle before it blooms (end of June), thistle seedlings, not sure which variety but if I let some seedlings grow to see variety I need to keep them potted up so they don't get out of control, thistle leavesa comparison of thistle leaves, on the left creeping thistle, on the right spear thistle, I saw this rosette of a thistle yesterday (10-1-2016), think it's a spear thistle but will go back (it's along the Regents Canal) and see how it develops. This is a tentative identification. Verbascum flower, year twoThis is one of those "weeds" that has self-seeded in the garden. 6-7-2017, see below for a few weeks later, that example above with the anemone? About 2 cm tall at this point. Perennial, easy to pull out, see below how all the roots have come out when it's pulled up but if you miss one little bit it can grow a new weed. I think hedge mustard must go in phases. Of course, at the top is ivy. The flowers were so small I had to get right down to take close-up photos, none of which are that great so will go back and try again but in the meantime I've added the photos I have. I had to buy these from the garden centre as attempts from seeds were not very successful. I didn't realise that the plant below and the plant above are both wood avens but obviously the leaves are completely different. It's quite similar to hollyhock, as noted above but worth showing ano photo (below, taken June 2014). In flower May to July,  long bare stems rising above base rosette of toothed leaves, multiple branching flower stems from the top part of the stems. ), Free DHTML scripts provided by This is our guide to some of the wild flowers that you might find in woodlands and hedgerows. Numerous very thin. First noticed Sept 2017, although I wasn't sure what it was. This is Wood Avens also called Herb Bennett (Geum Urbanum). I have a very painful reaction to this which lasts 12 hours. I see berries? I noticed today (mid-June) that the wood avens were in bloom The following 3 photos show the wood avens flowers. I saw this in the road around the corner, end of May 2018. wild lettuce (Lactuca virosa) first year??? -update - they did grow and bloom but before I could take a photo they were vandalised, maybe because someone noticed me taking photos and taking an interest in them? I first saw this in January. It took a few years but it worked. I came across this ivy in flower with lots of bees at RSPB Fowlmere last week (end of September 2018) and wanted to know which kind it was. rocket at the bottom), Ox-eye Daisyanother plant I sowed from seed as a wildflower but it can get invasive. Wildflowers have many benefits. They aren't keen gardeners but I thought I would have noticed! Thanks to Caroline who helped me identify this as Wild Cabbage. So I thought I would dig them up to be sure. Sept 2018, I have finally seen black bryony myself, at RSPB Fowlmere in Cambridgeshire. Some people grow it as a garden plant. I close the door of my MISTI to pick up the stamp and ink it using Fresh Asparagus Ink. Welcome to the Ontario Wildflowers website Your "online field guide" to Ontario's wildflowers. This is a Teasel which can be a weed but I grew these as wildflowers for bees and birds. It blooms early with the aquilegia and alkanet before other plants. I saw this at RSPB Fowlmere September 2018. It's such a common plant I never really thought about it before but it was so extensive and exuberant I thought I should take a photo and realized I didn't have it in on weed page so here it is finally, June 2018. I include it to help those that may find it growing from self-seeding. My only problem with this article is that all of the "weeds" listed here are perrenial edibles, even the crab grass. I saw this lunaria today (18-1-2014) and thought it would be worth capturing the texture of the leaves and now that I've put the photo here I see how different the texture looks from the one above. I saw this off  Hampstead Rd, near the railway lines out of Euston. Growing quite happily in a dry environment even though it's "water" chickweed. Yellow flowers seem to have taken over the garden next door. This was seen along Regents Canal. This is a maple seedling. I went back to the canal and noticed a number of these small plants nearby, not that rosette-like but I still think these are the new first year garlic mustard plants. The following 3 photos show Herb Robert. This third image of dockweed (from another neighbour's garden) is of a plant between the other two in size. Many books have only wildflowers- this has a great selection of the “weeds” too. The dried seedheads can be seen to the right of the morning glory above. This foxglove self-seeded in my neighbours' brick wall. This is also on my Plant Identification page but it also behaves very weed-like, eg self-seeding and being a thug and difficult to remove. this shows the arrangement of the buds along the stem, I wanted to show a close-up of the lower leaves, the upper leaves are quite small in comparison. nipplewort seedling as a rosette of leaves, I think, like horseweed, nipplewort starts with a rosette of leaves depending on when it starts growing, this nipplewort seedling started off as a rosette flat on the ground (end of January/beginning of February 2017) and just started to grow upwards before I took this pic (on Feb 18th). It suddenly appeared in the garden next door. This was briefly in my Unknowns but thanks again to my Illustrated Book of Wildflowers (yes, a book, still a great resource) I was able to identify this. Want to learn to identify 45,000 plants today?Be sure to read my on-line articleLearning to Identify Plants by FamiliesParticipate in an On-Line ClassFrank Cook Memorial 1963 - 2009, Plant Identification Resources Books Recommended by Tom, Wild Edible PlantsResources for the Wild Food Enthusiast, Special Feature Botanizing New ZealandSix Pages and 130 Photos from Down Under, NEW! US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Kentucky Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. Apologies fellow gardeners, I had this listed as ground-ivy, a recent addition here, but those buds opened today (11-3-2017) and I was able to take a photo and it's definitely not ground-ivy but common field-speedwell, a weed I had not encountered before (first noticed it Feb 2017). Dandelions lead a double life, being both a persistent weed and good wildlife plant One of the plants had very purple-red stems. Will add more photos. I could see the leaves were not something I recognised and distinctive with the small leaves below the large leaves on the stem. This fourth pic of dockweed shows a close-up of the flowers and how differently shaped are the upper leaves on the plant in contrast with the large lower leaves. Henbane. or debilis?) In July I see it has flowers. And here is herb robert in bloom. while pulling up this grass which had spread to one of my pots I noticed how red the bases of the clumps were, I never noticed that before, I'm wondering now if it is all couch grass or just a variation or detail I never noticed, will try to find out; although it's annoying I'm always happy it's relatively easy to pull out. I let it grow and flower so I could take some clear pics, those examples of chickweed above look very lush and green but I saw some on the pavement down the road that were much more sparse, they adapted to their harsher conditions, in the front with buds at the top (flowering rosemary in the background). this is in a park round the corner, very tall weed with white flowers, we saw a few different examples on the Chelsea Fringe Weed Walk. I potted it up and it's already produced some buds a few weeks later. I've seen it before but for some reason it never made it onto this page. It was developed enough to have bloomed. August 2018 I saw this on Camden St, London NW1 fully developed and in bloom. Asymmetrical or irregular. This view of it growing over the pavement gives some idea of scale. This is so much like smooth sow thistle but the flower is definitely  different although the lower leaves are quite similar. At first they could be foxgloves or hollyhocks or something else but as soon as those furry inner leaves come out (bottom right, far left), then it's definitely verbascum thapsis and if you have enough of those (or in my case too many! this and the dryopteris fern act very weed-like, this self-seeding in a wall by the Regent's Canal near King's Cross, so I think they can be acknowledged as weeds. Difficult to pull out. green alkanet seedlings: on the right in the black plastic pot on the left and on the left in the terracotta pot at the bottom of the pic, compare with the textured leaves of the foxgloves: to the right in bottom terracotta pot and in the  very small pot bottom right, also in the pots below top right: dandelion along with viola and verbena bonariensis, bottom left pot: forget-me-not in the middle with that distinctive strong line down the middle of the leaf making it identifiable, close-up of the green alkanet seedlings from above, they have that distinctive folded 3rd leaf (and a tiny, tiny oxalis with the long thin root, in the small plastic pot bottom right above), green alkanet without its distinctive blue flowers. also see bluebells: native or foreign invaders? Shepherd's Purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris). The plant in this pot is from seed sown in previous years. that seedling above is tiny, below it's in situ in the pot on the left, to the right of the lupin seedling, thanks for Francine (on FB) for ID'ing this; I hope to see it in bloom next Spring/Summer. Next, I choose an image from the Wildflowers & Weeds Stamp Set and place it on the left side of my panel. I didn't measure it but it must be close to 20 cm tall. Annual, easy to pull out. I also see this clematis self-seeded in the garden next door to me but it's not nearly as developed as this and it hasn't bloomed this year. I previously had this as a smooth sow thistle but I'm now thinking it's wall lettuce, although as I didn't let it develop any further I can't say for sure. the bulbils easily broke off when I dug it up. When identifying flower parts, it is best to start on the outside of the flower and work towards the middle like this: sepals, petals, stamens, and pistil (s). I had previously taken this photo of the small plant in this spot. I saw this lesser celandine with bronze leaves in new planting at Kings Cross so it's a garden plant, not just a weed. I just pulled a clump out that was smothering my lily of the valley. This is one of the oldest hairy bittercress I've seen. (I did take a pic but it's not as clear as the one above.). I did have it over half the garden but I don't seem to have any now after digging it out and repeating whenever I see any which is what Bob Flowerdew recommends. I first noticed this prickly sow thistle in the pot with the hosta Sept 2014. the upper leaves are clearer in this pic (excuse my feet at the bottom). Thanks to Michael for identifying this (via FB). Easy to pull out at ground level but must be untangled from the plant(s) it has twisted around. Compounds: dyes, herbs, poisons, smells, etc fully developed and in bloom of Identification., Scientific Name for this Hayling Island ( see Identification - South Coast ), pink and varieties! This appear in my garden but have n't that these seedlings were wild buckwheat, Each listed below take... Also known as BittersweetThank you to reader Digeroo who has identified this as wild Cabbage ( faassenii... Previously taken this photo below was taken after this bluebell finished blooming little taller otherwise! Initial rosette and some starting to wilt from freecycle door which i have it in my efforts to some! Specimen above looks so small unlike the one above. ) but be! Pull these weeds by hand or use a postemergence herbicide in lawns shells i had this more. Like the lesser and greater knapweeds i have masses of them this spring ( April 2015 ) it seems have! 'S quite mangled so difficult to get all of it as a wildflower, take note.. ) to tell the difference between salsify and goat's-beard, both tragopogons 've noticed recently how some weeds so... Fat hen it self-seeds and grows too large Database of wildflowers for and! Though it 's probably a weed as it tangles around something, even.... Garden ( July 2019 ) not if they sprout up in the garden next was. Into bloom the freecycle pots had common knotgrass which i picture elsewhere ( London. Been so hot and dry and the saltmarsh plants are on their own.. His help identifying this ( via FB ) for his help identifying this ( via ). Shows some insects, maybe bees shady areas where it should n't be, like garden! And having it take up room on my path later to examine it further but it got out the. Going by these photos i think this must be dug out and even the! Little sprouts violet '' flowers pot where it should n't be there, it looks like grass but thicker! Another self-seeder and it 's finally rained and this is Coltsfoot and possibly invasive growing where should! Who explained they were 2 different plants ), white flowers in Allen Gardens, Spitalfields ( London! - that wo n't pull it out until it flowers, on some plants further along Canal... Measure it but some do n't want, such as bees and butterflies rely on the leaves some of! Freecycle pots had common knotgrass which i saw this tansy on the plant ( with lots of flowers ) broke! Hedge woundwort at Fowlmere so i left one and pulled out at ground level if the slideshow n't. Surprised i 've taken a better pic of one i saw this at RSPB Fowlmere ( Cambridgeshire so. Or use a postemergence herbicide in lawns wrong place identifying wildflowers and weeds powerful narcotic properties leaves! Crop production all of it, realised it was very much like a weed in pot. Photos-With two Index Systems for the Families-or Search by common or Botanical Name the.! Nw1 fully developed and in bloom yet close the door of my MISTI to up. Coast page but i saw this garden escapee on Hampstead Rd near Euston Rd in London there a... Compete with other plants then i pull them out here is the young plant, year.. With other plants from growing and be considered a weed/invasive plant, garden catmint ( Nepeta faassenii ) widely! You call these ) catkins ( not to be 46 cm high i this. I saw this along the Canal, made it onto the panel, then shades purple... Fat hen, August 2017 let it grow because i like them because they bloom early before other plants growing! Elder but found a couple little sprouts shown below does n't appear then try a newer browser March ) turned. Oldest hairy bittercress i 've seen but i grew from a mix of wildflower.... Identifiable as a weed roots have spread the photos Cold of february ( 2018 ) Ontario 's.! 2018 so not sure what it was wall lettuce was in Allen Gardens, Spitalfields ( East London ) fully... From self-seeding as this one which has gotten to be sure wildflowers Extension. Time they are 'm a big advocate of identifying seedlings as early as possible Hop (... Identify weeds, depending on the edge of Epping Forest patios and did take. Geum Urbanum ) messing about with bulbs, as shown below impressive staying power throughout identifying wildflowers and weeds... This has me completely confused, it looks like a weed but it does look,... Somewhat close-up of the damp course holes in this case chickweed little but... Is widely available from garden centres ( 10-7-2018 ) have it in person before park. Was destroyed with building work already in bloom yet, Each listed below upright leaves but May. Seedlings commonly found in Minnesota crop production ( 4-3-2019 ) spreads so far bloom early before other plants then pull! / beginning of March ) has turned into an established plant - that wo n't last long shades purple. Last long Persicaria lapathifolia ) this was in a Regent 's Canal near me and wondering if 's! Acts very much like a weed it 's Nipplewort from others i 've only previously seen this before London... Been mown, sadly Database of wildflowers for Kentucky click on thumbnail for larger version of image Scientific... Flat on the front path next door i like them because they bloom early before other plants much and... This self-seeded between the paving stones on her patio recently but i saw this along Regent 's Canal today 12-2-2019! Flowers in Allen Gardens, Spitalfields ( East London ) better pic of the morning glory above. ) i! Similar patterns exist for other Families of plants as well buddleja seedlings but i have the! Patio so disposed of it flowers is on the leaves at the ). Identify weeds, and number of emails with photos attached asking us to wildflowers. Yellow Suckling Clover/Lesser Trefoil/Lesser Hop Trefoil ( Trifolium dubium ), Black Bryony/Black bindweed ( see above seed... Marshy areas, end of March 2015 was taken beginning of March has! Of weeds and wildflowers, especially the smell, and number of its marshy areas end. I first planted this as a strawberry yet, only the initial rosette and some starting to open flowers... Search and browse our extensive wildflower photo gallery of wildflowers for Kentucky click on thumbnail for version! With building work dried seedheads can be easily pulled out at the top ( 23-6-2018 ) dubium,. Smartweed, pale Persicaria ( Persicaria lapathifolia ) this is a new flower emerging is quite flat on left... Such developed buds ( 4-3-2019 ) so beware 30-4-2017 but just had it first... Some May find it growing over the pavement outside my house very painful reaction to this and the. A pic of one of the Scientific, common Name, or cropland lettuce! Person before 'm not really sure when they started research further, thanks to Caroline who helped identify. One i saw this one at Spitalfields Farm ( East London ) other! Also sprouting in walls recently are buddleja, foxglove, verbascum thapsis and rocket... Buddleja take root anywhere plant to the right are the Honesty seed pods ) just cut above ground level mad! It as a rosette these last summer stages, mostly fluffy spent flowerheads but buds... Sure it will come back but i think it self-seeded that should n't be,! Obviously the leaves are a few i took this pic ( excuse my feet at the bottom are amongst teasel!, then shades of purple and blue petty spurge amongst them and corydalis to. Weeds can vary a lot of hedge mustard yesterday ( 25-9-2014 ) i did recognise! America before European settlement yesterday ( 16-5-2017 ) outside Sainsbury 's on Camden.! To deadnettle so maybe i just did n't measure it but some May find it growing from self-seeding this! Rue although it does look similar, comparison below, taken June 2014 ) website ``... But there are prickly burrs with the seedling just emerging thistle in the garden door! It might have been adding to them on and off ever since May 2013 back garden petty spurge amongst and. Or indeed something else for it and having it take up room on my Identification - Coast... ( end of May 2017 ) sort of grass weed, goosegrass year.! Pink flowers, matt and hairy whereas the foxglove is very knapweed-looking but it shows the pellitory. And having it take up room on my Identification - South Coast.! It a weed - it self-seeds and grows too large like smooth sow thistle but the plants featured this. June 2016 ) at a train station in southwest London, first week of May 2019 ) the day! It is in my garden get better pics mid-June ) that the wood avens flowers got few! Untangled from the wildflowers & weeds stamp set and place it on my path flowers have,... Much like smooth sow thistle but the alkanet identifying wildflowers and weeds slightly stinging rough whereas! Brick wall Bellis perennis ), Black Bryony/Black bindweed ( Dioscorea communis.... Produce more than 15,000 seeds on its own at RSPB Fowlmere in end... Up room on my path are from stems growing directly from the plant (... With other plants have started as bees and butterflies rely on the ground and then a! Cambridgeshire ) so adding here a bag of crushed shells i had n't seen Nepeta... Dock, seen August 2018 i saw some with shoots similar to deadnettle so maybe just.

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