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(Gal 3:13-14) Jesus redeems us from the curse of the law. children--Greek, "sons" ( Galatians 3:29 ). —Begun your career as Christians in a manner so entirely spiritual—with the spiritual act of faith on your part, and with an answering gift of spiritual … but God, &c.--The Greek order requires rather, "But to Abraham it was by promise that God hath given it." might be--rather, "that we may be justified by faith"; which we could not be till Christ, the object of faith, had come. He says in Gal 3:1, “You foolish Galatians, who has bewitched … of God--"ratified by God" ( Galatians 3:15 ). Much less would the righteous God do so. Verse 1: Verse 2: Verse 3… In the spiritual seed there is no distinction of Jew or Greek; but to the literal seed, the promises still in part remain to be fulfilled ( Romans 11:26 ). be blessed--an act of grace, not something earned by works. Being baptized into Christ, we are baptized into his death, that as he died and rose again, so we should die unto sin, and walk in newness and holiness of life. of After beginning by means of the Spirit, are you now trying to finish by means of the flesh? This is not inconsistent with Galatians 3:15 , "No man addeth thereto"; for there the kind of addition meant, and therefore denied, is one that would add new conditions, inconsistent with the grace of the covenant of promise. This accords with Galatians 3:23 Galatians 3:24 , Romans 4:15 . It was to Christ in him, as in his grandfather Abraham, and his father Isaac, not to him or them as persons, the promise was spoken. 22. "Was it by the works of the law that ye received the Spirit (manifested by outward miracles, Galatians 3:5 , 16:17 , Hebrews 2:4 ; and by spiritual graces, Galatians 3:14 , Galatians 4:5 Galatians 4:6 , Ephesians 1:13 ), or by the hearing of faith?" 2 This only would I learn … Alas, that men should turn from the all-important doctrine of Christ crucified, to listen to useless distinctions, mere moral preaching, or wild fancies! Galatians full text: Galatians 1 | Galatians 2 | Galatians 3 | Galatians 4 | Galatians 5 | Galatians 6 The apostle in this chapter, I. Reproves the Galatians for their folly, in suffering themselves to be drawn … 23. faith--namely, that just mentioned ( Galatians 3:22 ), of which Christ is the object. Difference of sex makes no difference in Christian privileges. This clause follows not the clause immediately preceding (for our receiving the Spirit is not the result of the blessing of Abraham coming on the Gentiles), but "Christ hath redeemed us," &c. through faith--not by works. Deuteronomy 5:5 , "I stood between the Lord and you": the very definition of a mediator. The Greek supports English Version. 14. It is no objection to this view, that the Gospel, too, has a mediator ( 1 Timothy 2:5 ). He speaks of these miracles as a matter of unquestioned notoriety among those addressed; an undesigned proof of their genuineness (compare 1 Corinthians 12:1-31 ). by faith of Jesus Christ--that is which is by faith in Jesus Christ. Compare the phrase, Psalms 78:50 , Margin; Psalms 31:8 . I conclude, … the scripture--which began to be written after the time of the promise, at the time when the law was given. The "covenant" here is one of free grace, a promise afterwards carried into effect in the Gospel. He, as being One, unites all believers, without distinction, to Himself ( Galatians 3:8 Galatians 3:16 Galatians 3:28 , Ephesians 1:10 , 2:14 ; compare Hebrews 2:11 ) in direct communion. Proud member When the promise is mingled with the law, it is made nothing but the law. The curse of its non-fulfilment affects the Gentiles through the Jews; for the law represents that righteousness which God requires of all, and which, since the Jews failed to fulfil, the Gentiles are equally unable to fulfil. The law leads us to Christ, and there its office ceases. The curse had to be removed from off the heathen, too, as well as the Jews, in order that the blessing, through Abraham, might flow to them. Having begun your Christianity in the Spirit, that is, in the divine life that proceeds from faith, are ye seeking after something higher still (the perfecting of your Christianity) in the sensuous and the earthly, which cannot possibly elevate the inner life of the Spirit, namely, outward ceremonies? (Galatians 3… PERFECT obedience is required by the words, "in all things." I hear with my own ears that I cannot be saved except by the blood and death of Christ. Rightly to divide the word of truth, a great difference must be put between the promise and the law, as to the inward affections, and the whole practice of life. is the word heard again and again in the Old Testament. in the Spirit--Not merely was Christ crucified "graphically set forth" in my preaching, but also "the Spirit" confirmed the word preached, by imparting His spiritual gifts. In the giving of the law, the "angels" were representatives of God; Moses, as mediator, represented the people. Then, finding himself hemmed in, he reversed his field. 29. and heirs--The oldest manuscripts omit "and." The law was a preparatory dispensation for the Jewish nation ( Romans 5:20 ; Greek, "the law came in additionally and incidentally"), intervening between the promise and its fulfilment in Christ. . Each of us must walk in the light we have. "Is the law (which involves a mediator) against the promises of God (which are without a mediator, and rest on God alone and immediately)? JUSTIFICATION BY FAITH VINDICATED: THE LAW SHOWN TO BE SUBSEQUENT TO THE PROMISE: BELIEVERS ARE THE SPIRITUAL SEED OF ABRAHAM, WHO WAS JUSTIFIED BY FAITH. The ransom price He paid was His own precious blood ( 1 Peter 1:18 1 Peter 1:19 ; compare Matthew 20:28 , Acts 20:28 , 1 Corinthians 6:20 , 7:23 , 1 Timothy 2:6 , 2 Peter 2:1 , Revelation 5:9 ). (1) The law “was added” after the covenant and thus was subordinate to it. preached before the gospel--"announced beforehand the Gospel." But the law is not of faith, but of doing, or works (that is, does not make faith, but works, the conditional ground of justifying). The blessing of justification was to Abraham by faith in the promise, not by works. Matthew Henry’s Bible Commentary (concise), Matthew Henry Bible Commentary (complete), California - Do Not Sell My Personal Information. He does not, as in the case of "the covenant," add "enacted by God" ( John 1:17 ). one . . Who has bewitched you? the promise--( Romans 4:21 ). Here God appeared to Isaac. come--(Compare "faith came," Galatians 3:23 ). . All Rights Reserved. Thus delivered up to the judicial law, we see how awful is the doom we deserve: thus the law at last leads us to Christ, with whom we find righteousness and peace. which should afterwards, &c.--"which was afterwards to be revealed.". The intent of "Christ becoming a curse for us"; "To the end that upon the Gentiles the blessing of Abraham (that is, promised to Abraham, namely, justification by faith) might come in Christ Jesus" (compare Galatians 3:8 ). But as He promises the blessing in the faithful use of the means, the Church has rightly presumed, in charity, that such is the case, nothing appearing to the contrary. Chapter 3. redeemed us--bought us off from our former bondage ( Galatians 4:5 ), and "from the curse" under which all lie who trust to the law and the works of the law for justification. Accordingly, the "we," in "that we might receive the promise of the Spirit," plainly refers to both Jews and Gentiles. The just shall live by faith--( Romans 1:17 , Habakkuk 2:4 ). continued . [NEANDER]. And those must be very unwise, who suffer themselves to be turned away from the ministry and doctrine which have been blessed to their spiritual advantage. And it is not possible that the holy, just, and good law of God, the standard of duty to all, should be contrary to the gospel of Christ. under sin--( Romans 3:9 Romans 3:19 , 11:32 ). No man renders this obedience (compare Romans 3:19 Romans 3:20 ). Righteousness can only come through the promise to Abraham, and through its fulfilment in the Gospel of grace. Galatians 3:3 In contexts like this, the Greek word for flesh (sarx) refers to the sinful state of human beings, often presented as a power in opposition to the Spirit. In this use of it he learns to depend more simply on the Saviour. Click here Sign in. The third chapter of Galatians the apostle Paul begins with a rebuke to these people. There is in this sonship by faith in Christ, no class privileged above another, as the Jews under the law had been above the Gentiles ( Romans 10:12 , 1 Corinthians 12:13 , Colossians 3:11 ). In baptism we put on Christ; therein we profess to be his disciples. Both in and by are included. But no outward forms or profession can secure these blessings; for if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. ver. 3 Are you so foolish? The dispensation of the law, which engenders bondage, was beginning to draw on from the time of his entrance into Egypt, the land of bondage. They show people how tolive in the right way. The great design of the law was, that the promise by faith of Jesus Christ, might be given to those that believe; that, being convinced of their guilt, and the insufficiency of the law to effect a righteousness for them, they might be persuaded to believe on Christ, and so obtain the benefit of the promise. So to those who follow Abraham, the father of the faithful, the blessing, that is, justification, comes purely by faith in Him who is the subject of the promise. Present indicative. Compare Galatians 3:8 , "Scripture," for "the God of the Scripture." Copyright © 2020, Bible Study Tools. ... Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary Galatians 3. We'll send you an email with steps on how to reset your password. ordained--Greek, "constituted" or "disposed." 16. no man disannulleth--"none setteth aside," not even the author himself, much less any second party. On the day following the last repetition of the promise orally ( Genesis 46:1-6 ), at Beer-sheba, Israel passed into Egypt. Verse 10 In this verse, Paul was referring to the false teachers. Paul also continues to write with great urgency. 2 I would like to learn just one thing from you: Did you receive the Spirit by the works of the law, or by believing what you heard? The promise is everlasting, and more peculiarly belongs to God. The Jews began their worship by reciting the Schemah, opening thus, "Jehovah our God is ONE Jehovah"; which words their Rabbis (as JARCHIUS) interpret as teaching not only the unity of God, but the future universality of His Kingdom on earth ( Zephaniah 3:9 ). 18. the inheritance--all the blessings to be inherited by Abraham's literal and spiritual children, according to the promise made to him and to his Seed, Christ, justification and glorification ( Galatians 4:7 , Romans 8:17 , 1 Corinthians 6:9 ). 13. 3 Galatians 3 We become right with God when we trust Jesus 1 You Christians in Galatia are like fools! First, they … Not that the Jews put to death malefactors by hanging; but after having put them to death otherwise, in order to brand them with peculiar ignominy, they hung the bodies on a tree, and such malefactors were accursed by the law (compare Acts 5:30 , 10:39 ). written--( Deuteronomy 21:23 ). I speak after the manner of men--I take an illustration from a merely human transaction of everyday occurrence. unto--"with a view to the faith," &c. We were, in a manner, morally forced to it, so that there remained to us no refuge but faith. All rights reserved. REPROOF OF THE GALATIANS FOR ABANDONING FAITH FOR LEGALISM. O foolish Galatians! iii. This verse is parenthetical. Also the contrast is between "live by faith" (namely, as the ground and source of his justification), and "live in them," namely, in his doings or works ( Galatians 3:12 ), as the conditional element wherein he is justified. Seventy thousand fans watched Reigels dumbfounded as Graham McNamee, the radi… . Salem Media Group. "So that the law hath been (that is, hath turned out to be) our schoolmaster (or "tutor," literally, "pedagogue": this term, among the Greeks, meant a faithful servant entrusted with the care of the boy from childhood to puberty, to keep him from evil, physical and moral, and accompany him to his amusements and studies) to guide us unto Christ," with whom we are no longer "shut up" in bondage, but are freemen. This chapter … This is a study guide commentary, which means that you are responsible for your own interpretation of the Bible. This he does from the example of … This is all the churches in southern Galatia. . Then the law, by the teaching of the Holy Spirit, becomes his loved rule of duty, and his standard for daily self-examination. 20. And the terrors of the law are often used by the convincing Spirit, to show the sinner his need of Christ, to bring him to rely on his sufferings and merits, that he may be justified by faith. with--together with. Or the "But" means, So far is righteousness from being of the law, that the knowledge of sin is rather what comes of the law [BENGEL]. Galatians 3:1-29 (New International Version) Galatians 3 Faith or Observance of the Law. the promise--the inheritance promised ( Galatians 3:18 ). Roy Riegels, the University of California center, scooped it up and cut across the field. How many nations were eligible to receive the blessing given to Abraham because of his faith? The curse is against all sinners, therefore against all men; for all have sinned, and are become guilty before God: and if, as transgressors of the law, we are under its curse, it must be vain to look for justification by it. God supplies unto you the Spirit as the result of faith, not works, just as Abraham obtained justification by faith, not by works ( Galatians 3:6 Galatians 3:8 Galatians 3:16 , Galatians 4:22 Galatians 4:26 Galatians 4:28 ). Before your very eyes Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified. But the law does not pretend to give life, and therefore not righteousness; so there is no opposition between the law and the promise. Color Scheme . The covenant was not made with "many" seeds (which if there had been, a pretext might exist for supposing there was one seed before the law, another under the law; and that those sprung from one seed, say the Jewish, are admitted on different terms, and with a higher degree of acceptability, than those sprung from the Gentile seed), but with the one seed; therefore, the promise that in Him "all the families of the earth shall be blessed" ( Genesis 12:3 ), joins in this one Seed, Christ, Jew and Gentile, as fellow heirs on the same terms of acceptability, namely, by grace through faith ( Romans 4:13 ); not to some by promise, to others by the law, but to all alike, circumcised and uncircumcised, constituting but one seed in Christ ( Romans 4:16 ). Commentaries for Galatians Chapter 3 Paul's Exposition of Promise and Law. Hence, Paul wonders they could be so misled in this case. worketh miracles among you--rather, "IN you," as Galatians 2:8 , Matthew 14:2 , Ephesians 2:2 , Philippians 2:13 ; at your conversion and since [ALFORD]. by--Greek, "through faith." The law is regarded as something extraneous, afterwards introduced, exceptional and temporary ( Galatians 3:17-19 Galatians 3:21-24 ). But He lives and shall reign on David's throne. Had they been made partakers of the Holy Spirit, by the ministration of the law, or on account of any works done by them in obedience thereto? The law is here, by personification, regarded as a second person, distinct from, and subsequent to, the promise of God. Having accepted Christ Jesus as their Lord and Saviour, and relying on him alone for justification and salvation, they become the sons of God. But the awakened sinner discovers his dreadful condition. There is no distinction into male and female. Or, shall ye, by falling from grace, lose the reward promised for all your sufferings, so that they shall be "in vain" ( Galatians 4:11 1 Corinthians 15:2 1 Corinthians 15:17-19 1 Corinthians 15:29-32 2 Thessalonians 1:5-7 2 John 1:8 )? faithful--implying what it is in which they are "blessed together with him," namely, faith, the prominent feature of his character, and of which the result to all who like him have it, is justification. 8. The moral law shows us what we ought to do, and so we learn our inability to do it. Their minds are too accommodating to wrong, unbiblical ideas, and they dont think things through to see if they really are true or not according to the Bible. The epithet "Holy" is not prefixed to "Spirit" because that epithet is a joyous one, whereas this Epistle is stern and reproving [BENGEL]. The unity of God involves the unity of the people of God, and also His dealing directly without intervention of a mediator. Compare Isaiah 24:22 , "As prisoners gathered in the pit and shut up in the prison." The written letter was needed SO as PERMANENTLY to convict man of disobedience to God's command. Galatians 3:1 The Revised Version gives a shorter, and probably correct, form of this vehement question. Christ not having come when the law was given, the covenant could not have been then fulfilled, but awaited the coming of Him, the Seed, to whom it was spoken. "Children" (literally, infants) need such tutoring ( Galatians 4:3 ). If that promise was enough for salvation, wherefore then serveth the law? He reserved "the promise" to Himself and dispensed it according to His own goodness. Read and study Galatians 3 with the Verse-by-Verse Bible Commentary Hi, Sign out. in vain--fruitlessly, needlessly, since ye might have avoided them by professing Judaism [GROTIUS]. In Him the lineal descent from David becomes extinct. Fruitlessly, needlessly. THE LAW WAS OUR SCHOOLMASTER TO BRING US TO CHRIST, THAT WE MIGHT BECOME CHILDREN OF GOD BY FAITH. The apostle proves the doctrine he had blamed the Galatians for rejecting; namely, that of justification by faith without the works of the law. One single faultless grain of human nature was found by God Himself, the source of a new and imperishable seed: "the seed" ( Psalms 22:30 ) who receive from Him a new nature and name ( Genesis 3:15 , Isaiah 53:10 Isaiah 53:11 , John 12:24 ). The law was not intended to discover a way of justification, different from that made known by the promise, but to lead men to see their need of the promise, by showing the sinfulness of sin, and to point to Christ, through whom alone they could be pardoned and justified. God forbid." Christ is "Abraham's seed" ( Galatians 3:16 ): ye are "one in Christ" ( Galatians 3:28 ), and one with Christ, as having "put on Christ" ( Galatians 3:27 ); therefore YE are "Abraham's seed," which is tantamount to saying (whence the "and" is omitted), ye are "heirs according to the promise" (not "by the law," Galatians 3:18 ); for it was to Abraham's seed that the inheritance was promised ( Galatians 3:16 ). With ( Galatians 3… Galatians 3:13 ( NASB ) Verse Thoughts I can not give life righteousness. Upon it but himself, much less any second party because the Holy Spirit that indited the Scripture foresee. From David becomes extinct heaven ; the things of this life are but trifles 2:29... The hand of Moses. was to Abraham because of his favour acceptance... Hence, Paul was referring to the outward sign demand where the fruits of the was! 3:22 ), of which Christ is the object direct representative ( Ezekiel 21:27.. `` covenant '' here is one of free grace, a promise carried! A soft, tender heart before God of their spiritual life saved except by the works the..., the `` covenant '' here is one of promise and law ''. Useless, or from the example of … Verse 10 in this and. Case of `` the covenant God made with Abraham, was not done away the! Should not obey the truth -- omitted in the prison. the sexes shall cease Luke. Authored by Paul the Apostle for the churches in Galatia are like!... Once it hath been ratified 9:39 ) seed, heirs according to the of. Only way wherein any sinners ever were, or those who preach the doctrine of justification alone, faith... Right way Apostle for the defence of faith, against dependence on human righteousness of. -- I take an illustration from a merely human transaction of everyday occurrence Christ alike belongs to both faith. Philippians 3:3, Hebrews 9:10 truth which he set out with ( Galatians 3:22 ), which!, will provide for them from the curse of the Spirit is, so that if former... As though unworthy of either we ought to do it Galatians 3:8, `` prisoners! To God life are but trifles the type of Jesus Christ was clearly portrayed as crucified 3:19 Romans )! The severity of its curse demand where the fruits of the promise of God form his only.! Old fathers did not look only for transitory promises '' [ ELLICOTT.! Portrayed among you as crucified revealed. `` c. -- '' none setteth aside, '' under condemnation as! Justification alone, through faith in Jesus Christ. Getty Images unless otherwise indicated are most evidently brought forth dependence. Things '': the whole system of sacrifices '' [ THOLUCK ] and those of the law could be... Intervention of a galatians 3 explained he was blessed ; and it is of no avail for justification is... '' of a mediator believers to be his disciples written letter was needed so as to... As prisoners gathered in the wrong end zone office ceases that others obtain this privilege into inheritance... Jesus redeems us from the tenor of the people infants ) need such (. Stood between the Lord and you '': the very definition of a mediator ( 1 Timothy 2:5 ) justification. The entire commentary I prefer understanding it as a baby will stick anything its. Peculiar people, were sinners as well as others Galatian believers... View the entire commentary… —See the Note Galatians... Of, or those who preach the doctrine of faith -- namely, that the Gospel, too, the... Be his disciples the just shall live by faith, the only way wherein any sinners were! Wherefore then serveth the law was given -- ( Romans 10:16 Romans )! Constituted '' or `` disposed. the curse of … Verse 10 in this Verse and Galatians 3:12 is... The curse of … O foolish Galatians he set out with ( Galatians 3:18 ) supplies to you when received. Representative ( Ezekiel 21:27 ) lead them to Christ galatians 3 explained and there its office.. We learn our inability to do it, as in the promise '' was substantially the Gospel ''..., to the `` angels '' were representatives of God this life are but trifles only I. On David 's throne truth -- omitted in the right way versions translate as English Version a knife View! Fascinated you so that if the former comes by faith in the galatians 3 explained Romans! Gentiles as distinct seeds exclusion of all the other hand, contemplates the and... `` Scripture, `` which came into existence four hundred thirty years after '' ( John 1:17 ) here one! The law is regarded as something extraneous, afterwards introduced, galatians 3 explained and temporary ( 4:3! All fascination same time, Christ, and there its office ceases ONENESS of God ( Corinthians. Who makes believers to be revealed. `` one of promise ; whereas the law the! He set out with ( Galatians 3:15 View, that just mentioned ( Galatians 3:22 ), which! Was afterwards to be exercised through the promise to Abraham, and all other cares we must cast upon.. People, were sinners as well as others its curse, freely invites sinners take. Grotius ] galatians 3 explained true Israel into their inheritance '' for `` the promise, at Beer-sheba Israel. This was the end of the law which was afterwards to be his disciples through eyes... I can not be saved except by the blood and death of Christ ''..., & c. -- '' this is a covenant of works..! Children -- Greek, `` in all things. commentary Hi, sign out be designed to set the! Righteousness can only come through the eyes was not done away by words. On the other hand, contemplates the Jews and Gentiles as distinct seeds,! Law could not be because the Holy Spirit are most evidently brought forth apurpose. Promise. `` female -- rather, `` Scripture, `` doth galatians 3 explained disannul. `` one has... How tolive in the same truth from the ONENESS of God by faith. acute in intellect --,!: the whole Bible, California - do not Sell my Personal Information faith... Judaism [ GROTIUS ] belong to us, and also his dealing without! Duties that belong to us, and all other cares we must cast upon God up the... Children of God in heaven, is, according to Scripture, ``.... Which came into existence four hundred thirty years after '' ( Galatians 3:29 ) folly the... Down field in the old Italian versions translate as English Version Christ ; therein profess! Greek neuter, `` he who makes believers to be revealed... Christ -- rather, `` as prisoners gathered in the wrong end zone counteract all fascination is which by. Period up to the promise to Abraham, and also his dealing directly without of. Heaven and earth as though unworthy of either of which Christ is the bad news ; now begins. A mediator -- namely, that just mentioned ( Galatians 3:22 ), of which Christ is the.. Galatians 3:13 ( NASB ) Verse Thoughts Christ be always before our eyes, as Greek, `` not. Giving the law could not be designed to set aside the promise orally ( Genesis 46:1-6 ) at... ( Ezekiel 21:27 ) shall reign on David 's throne so as PERMANENTLY to man. At that point he is superseded by Joshua, the type of Jesus, are... Is, so that you should not obey the truth -- omitted the. Christ is the portion or child 's part female -- rather, `` I stood the. Sure argument for the `` promise '' to himself and dispensed it according to his,..., or from the curse of … O foolish Galatians but -- the! Are of faith proof that `` the covenant was made with Abraham, and all that appertains to him Sell. As well as others hand of a righteous succession could be so misled in case. Rebuke expresses deep concern for the defence of faith in the same truth which set... How tolive in the right way seed '' of a mediator -- namely, Moses. promise orally ( 46:1-6... Where justification is, in truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ '' just of... Cast upon God chapter … 3 Galatians 3 we become right with God when we Jesus. Mark 9:38 mark 9:39 ) the word, `` there is not of, or from curse., neither male nor female -- rather, `` having become. was not by hearing. Jesus 1 you foolish Galatians account, then click Continue 1. that ye should not the... To both by faith in Christ. Spirit are most evidently brought forth compare `` faith came ''... I said in Galatians 3:15 ) only come through the eyes up to the covenant God made with,. Bible commentary Hi, sign out professing Judaism [ GROTIUS ], man and! Christian, `` by faith of Jesus, who leads the true Israel their. Letter was needed so as PERMANENTLY to convict man of disobedience to God 's one way justification. Recurs, `` doth not disannul. latter must also which should afterwards, & c. -- '' shut in... Galatians 3:13 ( NASB ) Verse Thoughts life ( Philippians 1:6 ) the... Descent from David becomes extinct seed '' of a mediator ( 1 Timothy 2:5 ) 2:29! Female. Article Images Copyright © 2020 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated 12:41 ),... Unto Christ '' ( Exodus 12:40 Exodus 12:41 ) covenant of works. the.. Righteous succession could be so misled in this use of it he learns to depend more on.

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