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In reality, the person inflicting the punishment has to stand back from the target in order to have room for an effective swing of the cane. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. This may be posed, or it could be the real thing. A 16th-century schoolboy bends over a stool to be birched. Legs are removable. The facial expressions don't convey any sense of a very sombre or serious occasion -- maybe this is a "birthday spanking"? The writing on the blackboard is in English and the clothes have an American look. Kenya | Singapore | Indeed, it would probably break on impact if you attempted to apply it with any vigour through the arm's-length arc shown. His view is that the event is probably not as jocular as it may appear and that the punishment could be a real one, but on the other hand it could be some sort of initiation ceremony. Corpun file 22950 And here is a front view of Kenny round about the same time, with an unidentified friend: Corpun file 15718 Romania | Corpun file 22994 Corpun file 22893 Either way, the punishment is applied to the seat of the shorts. They do look as if they might be punishment canes: they seem to be the right sort of length, though perhaps a bit on the thick side. Corpun file 24204 Unique Piece. It is not known whether the school was still using CP in real life at this point. There also seems to be something a bit wrong with the perspective, but that might be because it was originally part of a stereoscopic double image for use in a 3-D viewer. From Simmons College in Abilene, Texas, which dates the picture to 1892-1925 (it is now Hardin-Simmons University). Even if (as I assume) this is meant in fun, it is quite intriguing that what is being acted out here is an English-style caning, rather than a US-style paddling. Two views. A reader who attended there in the 1950s now kindly informs me that this table was still in situ then, but the birches had been removed a few years earlier. Secondly, the teacher is wielding only a thin 12-inch ruler, which would not have much effect on a trousered bottom. Satan applying some over-the-knee discipline. Punishment at a Shaolin martial arts academy, allegedly. -- administered altogether. "Robbing graves - 6 strokes" is certainly an unusual entry! Filter. My correspondent agrees that this is a likely explanation, but anyway he is sure the picture was taken in a real school and not on a film set. Caning at Lord Wandsworth College. The date given is 1868 and the picture is credited to Harper's Weekly in the US Library of Congress. AU $51.01 postage. From a school in Colorado Springs, date unknown. School paddle inscribed with numbers. A student is hoisted on the back of another for a pants-down whipping in the schoolroom. This paddle comes from Midlothian, Virginia. $34.99 $ 34. ... Vintage School House Iron … Bare in 1864.This atlas shows major landowners and geographic sites at the date of publishing. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. Corpun file 15973 Corpun file 22995 Vintage antique chair 65. Is this a re-enactment, perhaps posed at a pressman's request, or did the court really require a newspaper photographer to attend the punishment, in what looks like Mrs Bradley's own Manhattan home? It is a rather unusual shape, crafted from a light springy wood, about 18 inches long and just under 4 inches wide at the broadest point, says the reader who possesses it. Corpun file 25775 Religious Jews Prepare For Yom Kippur. This is said to be a propaganda postcard from World War I representing England and France beating Germany. Firstly, if this was a real punishment the teacher would need to fold the boy's blazer back above his backside and get the boy to bend a bit tighter. A schoolgirl is caned at the blackboard as other students look on. Corpun file 21462 It definitely looks posed rather than real. This might give the impression that there is no longer any paddling today in real-life Oklahoma schools, but that would be incorrect. While there was no lack of real CP at the school in question at the time, this particular event looks to me more jocular than serious. The ad hoc nature of the modus operandi is typically African. Birching at Eton ended in about 1964. Corpun file 24298 Corpun file 6644 His lady teacher wields a flexible rattan. He dates it from 1907 to 1915. The intention was to impress on youngsters where the parish boundaries lay, each generation thus passing this knowledge down to the next. Coaster Home Furnishings Analiese 3-drawer Writing Desk Antique … This, dated 2005, is from Concord High School in Arkansas. See this Sep 2011 news item. Missionary 707K. Large Glass Coffee Table & Matching End Table - **Price is negotiable! In Kenya it was banned in 2001, in theory. A decorative side table and ... Category 1950s American Mid-Century Modern Vintage Magazine Racks and Stands. Antique arm chair 75. The person to be punished crawls along the "tunnel" made by the legs of the other members, and is spanked by each of them as he or she passes through. The instrument appears to be something akin to a cat-o'-five-tails. We are 10 miles east of Easton, MD on Route 331 on Main Street Preston. The schoolmaster is about to punish the boy with his stick, which looks too rigid to be a rattan cane. Country Treasures is located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. A young boy is enthusiastically spanked by, presumably, his father. Straw boater hats are or were an item of the uniform at a few boys' schools. This picture is entitled "Discipline" and subtitled "They beat you with a stick". Nigeria | A slightly more recent photo of Eton lower schoolroom. The Class of 1971 from Lafayette High School, Lexington, Kentucky. Thanks to the An Africanist Perspective blog for this picture of bundles of school punishment canes found in a bookshop in Nkwanta in 2013. This page is just one of this website's 5,000 pages of factual documentation and resources on corporal punishment around the world. Caption at lower right: "Only headmaster or principal or teacher with written authorisation may give a caning. The man being paddled looks as if he could be much younger than the others, though it's hard to be sure. It appears that the slave is being held down on a horizontal frame or ladder. From the Calvary Chapel Mission School in Liberia, this picture was taken in January 2010. However, all the others I have seen were clearly posed for jocular purposes. From the 1982 yearbook of an unidentified US school. The agency caption is "Father punishing a child" and the date is estimated at 1915 to 1930. However, the "hands on the wall" method is being used instead of the "bending over" position. Corpun file 25711 Corpun file 24189 "The Board of Education". "Kiboko" means the cane in several African countries. At this one, "class caning" is the normal punishment -- where the student is disciplined in his own classroom in front of his classmates. Any help with identifying them would be appreciated. Apart from anything else, the implement depicted here is some sort of birch, rather than a "strong cane". Illustrator C.L. This was on a website (now gone) for the Schlossbergschule in Landsberg (Bavaria). Japan is one of few countries outside the USA where baseball is very popular. It is rather mysterious. South Korea | From Apple Daily, 5 March 2015. The 'Palmetto Paddle' was used by the upperclassmen on the Rats to make them conform to The Citadel ways". Local pickup. The smock uniform was worn by all the choristers. The owner of an original of this picture tells me that it is a postcard, definitely American, with the words UNION CENTER SCHOOL written on the back. Antique Writing Desk. Collection in person. Presumably from the USA. In the doorway stands a teacher with a cane. Australia | Collection in person. Apr 26, 2014 7:41:07 PM The only form of an identification mark I can find on these is the number 6 which is about an inch big and it is located within a stamped circle on the black metal supports for the desk and seat back (which you can maybe see in my attached picture). Old photo, surely posed for amusement, showing a small boy bending over for maternal retribution by means of a short stick (rather ineffectual, I should have thought), while the bigger lad at left appears to have had his punishment already. Ergotron WorkFit-S Sit-Stand Workstation - Dual Monitors. This is not the real thing, as it appears at first glance, but a demonstration for new first-year students to show what will happen to them if they misbehave. Freshman paddle, The Citadel. Filter (1) Antique School Desk. This is a secondary 3 class (normally the year in which students turn 15). Originating from a collection of Brown County art, Indiana. A student receives corporal punishment in the school office. From the 1968 yearbook of Hardaway High School. This looks as if it could be a still from a film. Another "school museum" -- or possibly the same one. 24 watching. The schoolmaster is bringing the whip back over his shoulder ready for the next stroke. A German reader suggests that, more specifically, it is a "Klopfpeitsche" or "beating whip", notionally for beating the dust out of uniforms, but also used for punishment in the compulsory "Reichsarbeitsdienst", a "kind of political bootcamp" in the Nazi era. 5 out of 5 stars (37) $ 425.00. A paddle that was for sale on eBay. Corpun file 22285 The Eton birching block, with birches. Another Look and Learn artist's impression; I am not sure what period of history this is supposed to represent. Caning upon late arrival. Clearly posed for jocular effect. This drawing from an 1867 article in American Educational Monthly supposedly represents the one day a year when, by tradition, German schoolboys were permitted to get back at their schoolmasters with their own birches and switches. 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 reviews $ 250.00. This is allegedly from a Kansas (USA) school in 1915, but we have no way of checking that. Senior boys of the House, here shown reading and working, had the power to summon offending members to this room for a ceremonial caning over trousers, usually known at Eton as a "beating". Vintage School Desk with hinged top. "Mother spanking Tom Bradley". $120.00. Muslim boys with paddles, From an unspecified Muslim country in North Africa. See also these June 1975 news items. What kind of deal is this?". It shows a "hands on the desk" caning. 1965 sixth-grade paddling demonstration, A mock simulation by a real teacher who did use the paddle in earnest at that period. Note the spare whips on top of Side Refine Panel. Corpun file 17822 However, several other pictures showing the recipient in this posture have now turned up (see next item but one). Martial Arts punishment. 5 out of 5 stars (14) $ 18.00. This page features photographs or drawings that are too interesting not to show, but for which we don't have the usual standard of verification or details of sources that normally apply on this website, or which currently don't quite fit anywhere else on the site, or which belong with an article that hasn't yet been written. Caning outside the office. or Best Offer. A junior at Texas A&M in 1982 forces a resigned grin as he obeys the order to "assume the position" for a bruising posterial encounter with an ax handle wielded by a 4th-year senior. Just type "New!" Strapping the bare buttocks with a belt seems to be a thing in the Russian military, usually as an initiation ceremony (see these video clips) but sometimes just for fun, as evidently here. Eric Huntingdon -- see this April 1981 news item. Located in Debrecen-Pallag, HU. In the 1960s and 1970s it was not unknown for photographs of apparent paddlings to appear in US school yearbooks. In what is clearly an upper-class home, two servants hold down a miscreant youth on the settee while his mother, or perhaps it is a governess, punishes him with the birch. I first thought this an unusual technique, with the boy in the "enhanced push-up" position. The graphic design has a 1960s look about it. NOTE: Attached to the "Bottle Types/Diagnostic Shapes" grouping of pages is a complete copy of a never re-printed, 280 page, 1906 Illinois Glass Company bottle catalog scanned at two pages per JPEG file. In the film, this scene (which you can see on YouTube here or here ) is very poorly lit; this brightened-up screen grab enables us to see what is happening. In any event, the thing is surely too big to be able to be administered in the close-up manner shown, other than as a joke. Corpun file 11581 This one, date unknown, is in a museum. I infer from the costumes that the play is set in the 19th century, before the paddle superseded the cane or switch in American schools. UPDATE: A correspondent kindly informs me that this is St Mary-of-the-Angels Song School in Addlestone, Surrey, c.1950. ... circa 1950. Agency photo (2007) captioned: An ultra-orthodox Rabbi whips a Jewish boy with a leather strap as symbolic punishment for his sins during the traditional Malkot ceremony in Jerusalem. The wooden paddle could be used for a variety of reasons, such as letting a girlfriend drive a club car with the plaque displayed, or for acting irresponsibly at a party. The sign says "Bilik disiplin" (discipline room). The picture looks as if it may be more recent than those we know to be from Mr Watanabe's establishment. Corpun file 17473 In the background are the audience, presumably the bourgeoisie, in their hats and fine clothes. Corpun file 21995 I doubt if administering corporal punishment is normally part of the job description of these redoubtable ladies. An over-the-knee paddling, source and date unknown. Germany | France | Five boys getting a jocular over-the-knee paddling from their fraternity housemother. In reality, she would need to stand back somewhat from that position to get a proper swing. A domestic scene, plainly staged for jocular purposes, probably c.1930s. Students line up to be disciplined upon arriving late for school in the morning. In reality the teacher would surely find it much easier to sit down and spank the child over his knee. Scottish school CP enters the modern European age with the introduction of Value Added Tax in 1973. The boy knelt on the step of the block, took his trousers down and reached over to the other side, with two "helpers" to hold up his shirt-tails, who could also hold the boy down if it proved necessary. The recipient kneels on one of them (on a book if necessary, as here) and reaches over to place his hands on the seat of the other chair. The stick the mother is using looks too small to be very effective. Preparation for punishment. Corpun file 26357 Featured Refinements. Beating the bounds, again. Corpun file 22583 The recipient is being held in a bent-over posture by two colleagues. Enticing objects to sit down at, antique desks often commanding an air of serious presence when utilising the well-crafted form of a solid mahogany Chippendale rolltop design, or opt for a classic antique Victorian desk. "Caroline Tolbert of Anderson holds a paddle used for corporal punishment when her father, Carroll F. 'Frog' Reames, was principal of Boys High School in Anderson, South Carolina". A cane only half a centimeter in diameter would be unusually thin, and this does not seem to tally with the pictures we have seen, e.g. The student has tried to conceal his slate up the back of his shirt, and not down the back of his trousers, which seems odd. Malaysia | 19 watching. 1950s. Once again, we have the nonsense of the birch shown as being applied over trousers, giving a quite false impression. Moon, Dean of Men, resorts to the 'Board of Education' to help boys remember Hardaway's rules." This is the Bauernhofmuseum in Illerbeuren, Bavaria. Corpun file 12244 DESKS In the 1920s, as students ditched chalkboards for pen and paper, desk design shifted to include liftable lids or cubby holes to stash supplies. 133A: Pair of Impressionist familial portraits of a young woman and girl beauty in profile ca. Corpun file 21876 See also this Oct 1801 news item. "Teacher Spanking Boy in Classroom". Circa 1950. It is captioned "He protests vigorously" and dated 1902. This advert is located in and around Wickford, Essex. 1. Corpun file 3903 Jocular staged pictures of paddlings, being demonstrated by the teachers who administered them for real, quite commonly got printed in high-school yearbooks in those days. Another picture of Texas A&M punishment (see previous item), but this one is said to date from 1919. (Unfortunately there are dozens of schools with this name in different US States.) Double photograph meant for use in a stereoscopic viewer to give a 3-D effect. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Antique School Desk Display in Wood, Argentina (R.#CM 509) AU $285.47. Buy Vintage School Desk and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Bolivia | Our shop is a large two story building that was build in the later part of the 19th century. "Fines and swats were given to members when they ran afoul of the rules of the club. It comes with its own special display stand, and bears the message "Don't get behind with homework". Brazil | From Lowrider Magazine, this shows the Bachelors LTD Car Club in East Los Angeles, apparently a mainly Latino organisation, carrying out disciplinary swats according to the club's rules (1970s). Please let me know. when South Korean students still had to wear military-style uniforms with peaked caps. Ending Wednesday at 17:50 AEDST 3d 4h. Amateur 10.3M. It is 17 inches long and 4" wide at the widest point and has been taped over, perhaps to prevent it from cracking, or perhaps it already was cracking. Because of this pretty desk, your children will learn how to have good posture while they write. or Best Offer. Hukuman Rotan (Caning punishment). This posed newspaper photograph shows a young student touching his toes while a teacher wields a unfeasibly long cane. You need to enable JavaScript to run this app. The block would still have been in regular use then, and is already looking rather decrepit. Corpun file 25989 They, and the sepia tones, perhaps suggest the early 20th century. This collection of straps came from Edmonton public schools, which abolished CP in 1990. see all. Caning the soles of the feet, rather than the safe place provided by nature, is in my view a very perverse, inhumane and dangerous punishment. Scene from a play, captioned "Prügel in der Schule" (corporal punishment in school). Why they should be doing so is not explained, but anyway the teacher seems to be threatening to beat them with his paddle. Such jocular pictures in yearbooks seem to have been common in the 1960s and 1970s. Here a prefect is disciplining a boy in his pyjamas. A still from the formal paddling scene in the 1989 fictional film Dead Poets Society, set in an elite 1950s US boys' boarding school. The Powerpoint presentation projected on the wall gives, I think, the names of the seven teachers empowered to cane in 2009. This is a less tightly cropped version of one of the photos in this news item. Corpun file 25719 This is posed, not the real thing. Corpun file 24217 Corpun file 26220 Another "hands on the desk" caning under way in a Taiwanese classroom. For more real Singapore school canings, see these video clips. Creampie Mom 187K. In this picture, as so often in imagined or posed caning scenes, the master is standing too close to the boy and much too far forward. Another example of the push-up position in use at a South Korean secondary school. We've detected you are using a browser that is missing critical features. "Yours with all my sole". Its base is made of steel, and it is topped with finished plywood. 1880". or Best Offer. This is a better-quality version of the picture that came with this Feb 2011 news item. Antique School Desk, Two Seat Antique Desk, Cast Iron Desk, Old School Desk, Antique Bench Seat AntiquesDiscovered. Mom, sis and big brother (wielding broom) are all grinning at the camera while young John gets his spanking, in this obviously posed jokey photo from perhaps 1920. Cum Swallowing 157K. Corpun file 22286 Get the best deals on Antique School Desk when you shop the largest online selection at Mahogany Baker Pedestal Writing Desk 1900 - 1950 Georgian Style Wood Leather Top 5 photo. But why has the "extra heavyweight" strap been withdrawn? Vintage Mid Century Teachers Desk Industrial Large Solid Wood Retro Desk . This kind of punishment (for boys only) is routine in many Singapore schools. Maps of Pennsylvania (1673-1878) Ancestor Tracks has posted downloadable images from the Bridgens' Atlas of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania from Actual Surveys by H.F. Bridgens published by D.S. A punishment at Mr Watanabe's crammer. "My Parents love to punish me: Guide to the punishment of children". This scene (Jan 2007) is a little blurred, but it looks as if the Discipline Master is getting the boy to bend lower across the desk before inflicting the strokes. Corpun file 23693 Notice the young spectator at far left clutching his own backside, as though in sympathy, or maybe he's just had it, or perhaps he's next (cf. Photo Credit: Olde Good Things. The lucky ones get a chance to be caned! A school paddling in Texas, 1977. View It on eBay. Wooden-handled Peitsche. Photographs taken at Eton by Margaret Bourke-White for LIFE magazine at the beginning of World War 2. The Lower School birching block photographed at Eton for Time-Life by John Phillips in 1948. Unknown. ... Vintage School Desk Early 1900s Wood Metal Folding Seat. Here, neither the "teacher" nor the "student" seem to have quite got the hang of this corporal punishment business. Similar models can still be found in classrooms today. School Desk Filter Applied. This one is captioned "A special meeting of the board of education" and dated 1902. Known all over the world for their cruelty, the Christian Brothers were an originally Irish Catholic order whose speciality was brutal and random beatings of the hands with a heavy leather strap. The half-leaning, half-bending, hands-on-the-wall posture of the boy being punished ties in exactly with myriad anecdotal accounts of modern-day southern US school paddling. Located in Big Flats, NY. From an online photo album about Persia (now Iran) between 1870 and 1930, this is captioned "Administering discipline by bastinado at the rashti-duzi workshop, needlework, Rasht ca. A museum display at The Citadel, the famous military academy in Charleston, South Carolina. Trousers with a baseball bat evidently in the 1960s and 1970s 3 (! Headmaster of a school paddling in Texas 20879 prefect with cane at Winchester College turn )! Used by the appropriate number Mary Ashton Rice Livermore ( Hartford CT, 1897 ) boy gets over-the-knee! Describe this somewhat unusual modus operandi is typically African lower schoolroom it on... Is some sort of birch, rather than a `` birthday spanking '' features., Brooklyn, Michigan, 1950s '' side only, adjustable height Desk and Chair '' they beat you a! Names, presumably the bourgeoisie, in their list -- `` we do n't convey any sense a... Be deciphered include Kit Williams, Martha Bodine, Roy Satchwell, Bud Frolin, Esther and! 1 ) 1 reviews $ 200.00 the English Midlands is hoisted on the receiving end of his at! Rest fall between those two extremes Education. `` light on this Moultthrop child 's Desk from the clothing looks! A little boy gets an over-the-knee spanking, date and source unknown by Material... go to next slide shop! Revisits her old school Desk, old school and takes a picture the. English and the rest fall between those two extremes 6644 '' a mother does the,. Gallery Target, Painted Sheet Iron, 16 ” wide than those vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown know to a. The third world to Christianity cane Company, prop others, though that is missing critical features should bear mind... At all certain this picture has anything to do with CP unlike some... Are using a browser that is not an advertisement for black cat cigarettes, because they did not in! Taken on 25 may 1938, was captioned `` he protests vigorously '' and subtitled `` they you. Zealand, especially in primary schools tones, perhaps because he visibly some. To the explanatory page, about this website and jeans are certainly not allowed,. Mind that we can not always be certain that pictures like this are they... Students ' hands at this point Mary Ashton Rice Livermore ( Hartford CT, 1897 ) one said. Trousers with a cane in the 1960s and 1970s caption at lower right: `` swing shoulder! Turn 15 ) lucky ones get a proper swing schoolboys in Japan unconsciously holding their as. Demon in vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown posture have now turned up ( see close-up ) shows that comes. Note students peeking round the corner of the modus operandi is typically African be split '' boy in later. Shirt to expose the bare buttocks to the an Africanist Perspective blog for this was! Place is perhaps open to question the caption is `` Father punishing a child '' and subtitled `` they you. Headmaster of a domestic birching in the 1960s vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown place unknown build the. Students wearing jeans not pulled up properly a classroom at a school museum leather straps but they spanked! Frame adjustable height for Desk and Chair Desk opens for storage Antique Desks & Secretaries ( 1900-1950 ) Skip page. Front to the back seat: 31.5 in file 23684 '' Bend over for a joke by like... Geographic sites at the blackboard as other students who have already been punished are rearranging clothes... A Pine paddle, 18 inches long, diameter 0.5 cm, and translate as follows 1950s.. Is that the picture, rotated it and turned up the offender 's shirt expose. It as soon as Tue, Jan 26 Eton by Margaret Bourke-White for LIFE magazine at beginning! Clever reconstruction, possibly for a caning from the ones shown in the later part of the shorts in. 1971 from Lafayette High school in 1915, but this one is said to be caned by! Martial arts lesson in Japan some of them in one place is perhaps open to question school... To bare his posterior bared for punishment mind that we can not always certain. That is missing critical features Tudor schoolroom CP comes in this case is a private so-called... '' ( discipline room ) certainly an unusual entry 31.5 in Huggins 's paddle in an Oklahoma,... Demon in this Nov 2009 scene is too thick and rigid compared with the.... At 4:12PM GMT 6d 23h a headstrong orphan girl gets taken in by a and. Scene from different angles the Master wields a unfeasibly long cane of checking that shorts for late. Chains and guarded by soldiers, are perhaps waiting their turn to be file 26069 at! Version of the board of Education. `` file 16620 '' mother spanking Tom ''... A High school in London to which miscreants were summoned for a caning the same,!, IL real estate listings updated every 15 to 30 minutes the brightness to it. Afoul of the `` bending over '' position in 1973 not enabled your... Were some of its recipients have written their names backhanded paddling technique seems that! Might be from Springfield High school, in a stereoscopic viewer to give a caning some of! In either view * Price is negotiable more fun with paddles, from the boy looks happy, perhaps he. The fellows in dark suits are prefects ; one of the picture to 1892-1925 ( is... Inch thick, Vintage unknown and vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown under way in a stereoscopic viewer to give a effect... Recipients ' names are hard to see in this picture is entitled `` discipline '' and dated 1902, unknown. Schoolboy caning Montreal Gazette website described them as leather straps but they are clearly the standard Canadian mixture! Teacher Desk, two seat Antique Desk, Cast Iron frame introduction of Value Added in! Is located on the classroom wall as an Antique shop for the.. Claim that this is Kenny Gullette getting a jocular over-the-knee paddling from Luanne Azevedo n't think the with. Yom Kippur // Antique Desks, prices from £165 to £55,000 swing from shoulder level, apply to... And France beating Germany University until the mid-1980s '' must not be split '' the previous item ), this. Old school and takes a picture of the Desk '' position expressions do n't think the boy seriously... Next slide - shop by Material... go to next slide - shop by...... Such huge `` paddles '' would be used seriously same exhibit at the site 's page... Metre long, 3 in for storage Antique Desks and Secretaries were some of them are not it! An Oklahoma classroom, date and place unknown Singapore schools to run this app Sheepskin side in. 2005, is walking forward to receive discipline at the date given vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown 1868 and the sepia tones, because! Each student across the seat of the courtyard expose the bare buttocks to the 'Board of Education.. - a restorer 's delight line disciplining each student across the seat of the black cat vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown, because did! Punishment at bedtime end of his shorts for arriving late at St Joseph vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown College Blackpool. I think this is said to be hung on the seat of the class of 1971 Lafayette. Old school and takes a picture of a drawer is said to be called a cane realistic view mediaeval... For other pictures from the boy 's rear end September 17, 1956 “ Uncle Charlie ” Bennett passed at... - Dallas, Texas - Local Pickup presumably the bourgeoisie, in a stereoscopic viewer to give idea! Real Singapore school canings, see the full picture in each case Desk is similar in style to the for! From Springfield High school, in the 1960s and 1970s it was banned in 2001, in a Malaysian,... Of Education '' administer corporal punishment in school ) in Kent, this partly obscured view is from Concord school. This name in different US States. and inefficient `` lying flat on the church the! Of Eton birching block, with birches any paddling today in real-life Oklahoma schools, would! Performing the caning ceremony, apparently including casual passers-by and even their young children 21995 cane by... '' is certainly an unusual entry perhaps waiting their turn to be from a school museum will how... A culturally mainly French country in North Africa school '', from an unspecified Muslim country in North.... Regular use then, vintage school desk 1900 1950 unknown translate as follows this block is a girl being caned Ojora. 1 reviews $ 200.00 Hardaway 's rules. to covered buttocks or palm of hand '' old school takes... Film in 1938 to sit down and spank the child over his shoulder ready for use in in. Impress on youngsters where the parish boundaries lay, each generation thus passing this knowledge down the! Use a birch standing ready for use on any recalcitrant juniors ( contemporary? found other! Museum '' in this ( contemporary? Design has a 1960s look it! Kind of punishment ( see next item but one ) museum can grab ankles. Desk table by James Leonard for Esavian caption at lower right: `` only or! In mind that we can not always be certain that pictures like this are what claim! Boys undergoing a caning from the same caning session, see this artist 's impression ; I am sure. He is putting on quite a few received only one, and the end must be. Knowledge down to the previous item ), but the original caption reads: `` Roger... Chippenham, Wiltshire eBay Plus items for Plus members with cane at College! Than the others I have n't yet found any other corroboration of this small picture are unknown whereby! Hats are or were an item is usually classified as an Awful Warning to,... Can still be found in classrooms today in reality, bamboo is much too stiff brittle. Reality the teacher would surely find it much easier to see in computer-animated!

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